Saturday, 13 November 2004: 12:00 PM-2:00 PM

Imperial Exhibition Hall (Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center)

Undergraduate Posters I

Organizer:Art Rodriguez
Part 1 
Analysis of Toxic Metals in Lentinus edodes by Atomic Absorption, Flame Emission and Inductively-Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
Kira G. Shurtz, Gretchen E. Potts
Characterization of the DNA Binding Behavior of Tris-Diimine Complexes of Cr(III): Enantioselectivity, Strength of Interaction and Effects of Photolysis
M. Scott Vandiver, Rebekah G. Potts, M. Alyson Shupe, Jennifer L. Campbell, Noel A. P. Kane-Maguire, John F. Wheeler
Mercury Analysis of Fish Populations Native to Lake Pontchartrain
Christopher J. Lundberg, Benjamin A. Tassin, Maury E. Howard
Separate Electron Transfers in Anthraquinone-Modified Monolayer-Protected Gold Nanoclusters
Heather L. Turbeville, Stephanie A. Owens, K. Grace Kennedy, Deon T. Miles
Contributions to the Carbonate budget of Reef Building Corals: Dissolved Organic Matter and Carbon Dioxide
Cristina Beno, Dr. Sandra L. Gilchrist
Direct Analysis of Nitrogenous Disinfection By-products using Solid Phase Micro-extraction (SPME) with Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)
Lindsay L. McLaughlin, Keith T. Sharpton, Christine N. Dalton
Trihalomethane Monitoring Using On-Line Purge and Trap GC-DELCD
Sarah Miller, Michael A. Brown, Gary L. Emmert
Stability Determination of Midazolam Syrup by Reversed Phase HPLC
Matthew C. Zoerb, Steven J.K. Symes
Zinc(II), Cadmium(II), Mercury (II) and Magnesium(II) Complexes of a porphyrin dervived from 1-pyrenyl carboxaldehyde
Shenoqua Holmes, Adegboye Adeyemo, Jannie Baker, Olarongbe Olubajo, George Williams
Diagnostic Proteomics: The potential of utilizing cervical secretions
Esther C. Udall, Karen Merrell, Katie Southwick, Dr. Steven W. Graves, Dr. M. Sean Esplin, Dr. Craig D. Thulin
Spectrophotometric Titrations of Eriochrome Black T with Mg2+ and Cu2+
Darshan D. Naik, John A. Lynch, Eric T. Lane
Part 2 
Paper Withdrawn
Arsenic Remediation Using Limestone: Contaminant Interference and Surface Morphology
Chelsea D. Campbell
Synthesis for Electrocatalysts for the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
Nicole Cavadini, Emma Goldman, Raymond Dominey
Mutational analysis of the E. coli MetRS inter-domain peptide
Andy A. Lobashevsky, Rebecca W. Alexander
Synthesis and characterization of trans-difluorochromium(III) complexes of constrained tetraazamacrocycles
Michael Vagnini, Caleb Rutledge, Chuanjiang Hu, Paul S. Wagenknecht
Photocatalytic Degradation of Hazardous Molecules
Norio Omori, Edward A Wovchko
Part 3 
Synthesis Towards a Novel Amphiphilic [2]Catenane
David M. Crizer, Kevin L. Caran
Synthesis of Sphingosine Analogs
Holley Jeter, Robert Sacci, Victoria J. Geisler
Synthesis of a Spontaneous Nitrite Donor
Ashley N. Feneran, Dr. S. Bruce King
Preparation of Amidoximes from Cyanostilbenes
Marie Christina Correia, Frederick J. Heldrich
Synthesis and Analysis of Novel Boronic Acid Sugar Sensors
Robert B. Whetsell, John J. Lavigne
Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Heterocyclic Enynes
Joseph Jr. Kaloko, Salwa El-Kazaz, Cheryl Harrison, Gwendolyn Bass, Anthony Hayford
Synthesis of Hydroxamic Acids as New Nitric Oxide Donors
Tyler A. Davis, S. Bruce King
Synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoles by azide-alkene cycloadditions
Erland P. Stevens, Dario R. Roque
Synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoles by azide-enol ether cycloadditions
Dario R. Roque, Erland P. Stevens
Acetylation of Phenols
David A. Newbold, Justin B. Houseknecht
Partha S. Ray, Noah E. Huddleston, Jeffrey Gaulding, Jesse R. McAtee, Holley Jeter
Sonoremediation of Trichlorophenol
Anne Gaquere, Sharmistha Dutt, Dawn Lindquist, Sharon Reed, Erum Raja, Cass Parker
Paper De-Inking Using Environmental Friendly Oxidizing Agents under Ultrasounds
Anne Gaquere, Temitayo Isola, Cass Parker
The Role of Protein Kinase G in the Regulation of Anoikis in Colon Carcinoma Cells
Jessica M. Martin, Darren D. Browning
Heterologous Overexpression and Purification of Bacillus subtilis 168 AcpK and PksD
Jayme Williams, Jason J. Reddick
The Cloning, Isolation and Characterization of PksF from Bacillus subtilis 168
James Mutamba, Jason J. Reddick
Bacillus subtilis strains 168 and OKB105 are not Difficol Producers
Kahrin Romer, Jason J. Reddick
Cloning and Expression of West Nile Virus NS5 gene in E. coli
L. C. Coleman, J. S. Temple, M. B. Doughty
Template/Competitive Inhibitions of HIV, AMV and M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase
Garland E. Anderson, M. B. Doughty
Proposal of a Unique Inner-Sphere Electron Transfer Cocrystallization Process
Timothy J. Kucharski, B. Jake McGee, Silas C. Blackstock
Part 4 
In vitro production of C. elegans mitochondrial initator tRNA
Cassidy L. Brown, Rebecca W. Alexander
Ion Transport through Pore-Forming Peptides Incorporated into Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs)
Nikolaus Cordes, Martin Bakker
Investigating the Photochemical Reactivity of 2-Methyl-1,3-Butadiene and 2-Methyl-1-Buten-3-Yne in a Rare Gas Matrix
Richard C. Dunn, Caleb A. Arrington
DNA Topology Studies Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Lauren K. MacAfee, Leanna C. Giancarlo
Assemblage of an ultrahigh vacuum chamber for surface science studies
C. Daniel Benson, Michael B. Newcomer, Ali K. Said, John D. Craddock, Kourtney L. Gordon, Jeffrey E. Fieberg
Helix Induction in Melittin by Fluorinated Diols
Joshua P Layfield, Merlyn D Schuh
Molecular Modeling of Gas Interactions with a Nanoporous Carbon and Predictions of Chromatographic Retention Times
Katherine A. Ziegler, Jennifer L. Boyd, Mark E. Ridgeway, Howard E. Thomas, Thomas R. Rybolt
Ethanol Fuel Cell Technology
Sarah Anne McDaniel
Paper Withdrawn
Part 5 
Maintaining Traditions yet Making it New: A SAACS Chapter Celebrates National Chemistry Week
Faraa Mobini, Delaram Moshkelani, Larissa L. Spell, Beth Rainwater, Nancy Carter Dopke
An Inquiry-Based Approach to the Freshman Chemistry Laboratory
Matt Yousefzadeh, Elizabeth Martin, Amy L. Rogers
Silicon Carbide & Poly(Methyl Methacrylate): Mechanical Analysis of Advanced Nanocomposites
Diana Ouellette, Julie Harmon
Part 6 
Progress Towards Asymmetric Tandem Knoevenagel Condensation-Diels-Alder Reactions
B. Renee Bozard, Rachel B. Smith
Part 7 
A Bird's Eye View of Weak Intermolecular Interactions: Correcting the Basis Set Superposition Error
Michael S Marshall, Tracy P. Hamilton
Part 8 
Use of Pelleted Lettuce Seeds in Bioavailability Studies
T. Cummings, R.D. Keys, K.D. Bradham, S.L. Harper, M. Medina-Vera, A. Abu-Shakra
Part 9 
Feasibility Study of Carbon Dioxide Absorption by Modified Nafion Films
Megan L. Grimsley, Paul A. Flowers
Part 10 
Olefinic molecules containing nitrogen and oxygen donor groups for halogen bonding
Tamara Griffith, Jeffrey L. Harris, Sibrina Collins, Timothy W. Hanks, William T. Pennington
Part 11 
Design and synthesis of new extended metal organic frameworks (MOFs)
Erjola Shehu, Youngling Liu, Mohamed Eddaoudi
Part 12 
A Proposed Semi-Synthesis of Bryostatin 1
Brandy Sumner, Thomas Manning
Part 13 
The Steinbeck-Rudloe Letters; A Hidden Treasure
Suzanne Matos-North, Thomas J Manning, Brian Adler
Part 14 
Computational Studies of Carbon Rings
Andrey Asadchev, Claudia Parker, James Parker, Thomas J Manning, Ike Barton, Allen Devane
Is Bryostatin a Siderophore? Computational and Experimental Results
Justin Smith, Emily Rhodes, Richard Loftis, Ruth Borchelt, Thomas J Manning, Dennis Phillips
Part 15 
Functional Metal-Organic Frameworks: Fluorescent Porous Lanthanide-Organic Frameworks
Joshua L. Carter, Youngling Liu, Randy Larsen, Mohamed Eddaoudi
Part 16 
Stereoselective Tandem Cyclization-Addition Reactions using Catalytic BiBr3
Melissa M. Sprachman, Nichole D. Litvinas, Mamio C. Mattern, Robert J. Hinkle, Alex T. Jenkins, Daniel C. Burnette
Part 17 
Applications of FT-IR Spectroscopy to the Study of Aerosol Heterogeneous Chemistry
Catherine Williams, A. Francois Trappey, Cindy DeForest Hauser
Part 18 
Temperature-Dependent Hydration of Sodium-Chloride Clusters as Atmospheric Aerosol Models
Joshua P. Bietz, Richard B. Wyrwas, James A. Bradshaw, Sidney L. Gordon, Andrew J. Leavitt, Robert L. Whetten
Part 19 
Rapid Method for the Microscale Extraction of Pigments from Frozen Spinach and Other Greens
Kristina L. Toups, Laura E. Godwin, Maria T. Gallardo-Williams
Part 20 
Synthesis of new water-soluble metal-N-heterocyclic carbene complexes
Sheritta M. Cooks, Lucas R. Moore, Kevin H. Shaughnessy
Part 21 
A Model of the Quantum Afterburner
Grant Murphy
Tripeptide Molecular Dynamics: Glycyl-Prolyl-Glycine-Amide in Water
Mark C. Mochel, John H. Shibata
Part 22 
Enantiomeric Separations of M(diimine)33+ Transition Metal Complexes Using Cyclodextrin-Modified Chiral Capillary Electrophoresis
C. Ruth McNees, Brad J. Herbert, Noel A.P. Kane-Maguire, John F. Wheeler
Part 23 
Investigations into the Solvothermal Self-Assembly of an Amino-Nanoball
Jeremy S. Colyer, Michael J. Zaworotko, John J. Perry IV
Part 24 
Comparison study of predicted and experimental infrared and Raman spectra of allyltrichlorogermane
Sonja Spichtig, Witold A Witkowski, Gamil A Guirgis
Part 25 
Towards the Controlled Fusion of Liposomes
Lindsay S. Buford, Vladimir A. Sidorov
Preparation and Elaboration of Chiral Oxazalines for Use as a Chiral Scaffolding
Billie Conte, Craig Ogle
Characterization of the Spectral Changes Associated with Calcium Binding Events in the C-terminal Domain of Calmodulin
Charles A. Odonkor, Shakirat O. Oyetunji, Huaying Zhao, Susan Pedigo
Synthetic Studies on Diphenyl Ethers as Potential Hyaluronan Lyase Inhibitors
Acacia Lamb, Wayne J. Brouillette*, Liyuan Mou
Convergent Solid-Phase Synthesis of the Prion Protein Octarepeat Region: A Methodology for Creating a Mutant Peptide Library
J. Bryant Pollock, Colin S. Burns
Synthesis of Non Planar Chiral Compounds:1-(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)naphthalene
Anthony J. Fowler, Binita M. Suthar, Daniel S. Jones, Craig A. Ogle

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