Monday, 25 June 2007: 2:20 PM-5:00 PM
Clayton 125
Self-assembly II: Surfactant and lipid structures
Organizers:Martin Vethamuthu
Srinivasa R. Raghavan
Presider:Radha Ranganathan
2:20 PMCharacterization of micellar interfaces by Fluorescence Quenching and Electron Spin Resonance: Mixed micelles of lipids and detergents
Jasmeet Singh, Justin Miller, Radha Ranganathan
2:40 PMMicellar networks and dilute lamellar phase: transitions observed by cryogenic transmission electron microscopy
Travis K. Hodgdon, Hidehiro Nagasawa, Eric W. Kaler
3:00 PMMyelin Formation during the Dissolution of Lamellar Phase
Louisa Reissig, David Fairhurst, Andrew Mount, Michael E. Cates, Stefan U. Egelhaaf
3:20 PMHelical tubule self-assembly using a single-tailed surfactant
Heeyoung Lee, Jae-Ho Lee, Srinivasa R. Raghavan
3:40 PMBreak
4:00 PMStructure and rheology of self-assembled wormlike micellar networks with incorporated nanoparticles
Matthew E. Helgeson, Florian Nettesheim, Norman J. Wagner, Eric W. Kaler
4:20 PMComposition effects on lipid domain size in model membranes
Angela C. Brown, Steven P. Wrenn
4:40 PMInteraction of Surfactin with Phospholipids Bilayer:Neutron Reflection and Small Angle Neutron Scattering Studies
Hsin-Hui Shen, R. K. Thomas

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