Friday, 2 June 2006 - 1:30 PM
TW 100 (Marquette University, Todd Wehr Chemistry Building)

Weird science: a phenomenological approach to teaching

Lee Marek, University of Illinois at Chicago [Weird Science, ], Chicago, IL

Students learn best when they want to learn. It is our job to awaken this desire. This can be one heck of a task for the intro level since only about 40% of students think on the "formal" Piagetian level. This is why teachers need to enhance their classes with concrete demos and analogies. You can't communicate with people who are not “present.” If you want "presence", you have to capture attention. WEIRD SCIENCE developed short, easy and sometimes "weird" demonstrations and stories on chemical/physical phenomena. These are used to hook the students into thinking about the day's topic. Rubin Battino wrote in J.Chem. ED., be passionate, eccentric and put theater into your teaching. Demonstrations and video clips from the WEIRD SCIENCE kids show for ABC in Chicago, the David Letterman Show, Inside Edition, Bozo Show and Clive Anderson Talks Back in England will be presented. WEIRD SCIENCE is "Teaching teachers to make it fun... to entertain and educate students."---- Charles Kuralt. "My idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young & inflame their intellects" Robert Maynard Hutchins. I embrace this idea, sometimes literally!

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