Thursday, June 26, 2008 - 11:15 AM
South American AB (Capital Hilton)

New Value-Added Materials from Ethanol by-Products

George E. Inglett, S. Kim, J. Xu, D. Stevenson, D. Chen, and S. Liu. USDA-ARS-NCAUR, Peoria, IL

Value-added materials were obtained from a distillers dried grains (DDG) sample obtained from MCP Corporation. It was process by jet cooking at various pH levels and fractionated. Among the various fractions, free flowing particles were obtained that appear to have several opportunities for a range of industrial applications. Rheological properties were measured by several techniques including RVA pasting values. Some of the compositional and chemical aspects of the new materials were measured. Their moisture, ash, protein, and oil contents were determined. Also evaluations of their antioxidant properties of the various materials were made and some of the fractions were found to be considerably elevated.