Thursday, June 26, 2008 - 9:35 AM
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Ecomate - Environmentally Benign Foam Blowing Agent

John A. Murphy and John F. Timberlake. Foam Supplies Inc, Earth City, MO

Insulation foams are a critical component in the effort to reduce the amount of energy expended for heating and cooling, thus reducing CO2 emissions & our dependence on foreign oil. The critical component of these foams is the captured cell gas, and its insulative capability. These gases have formerly been CFCs, HCFCs, and now HFCs which, despite their many virtues, have been shown to contribute to global warming and ozone depletion.

EcomateŽ [methyl formate] is an environmentally sound alternative foam insulation blowing agent. It is non-Ozone Depleting [zero ODP], has little to no Global Warming Potential [GWP], and has such a minimal effect on photochemical smog production that the USEPA has declared it to be VOC exempt. Ecomate is the only foam blowing agent on the market with these superior credentials.

For every ton of ecomate used in replacement of HFC blowing agent, there is a savings of over two thousand tons of CO2 equivalents [GWP]. And since ecomate does not contribute to photochemical smog, it can be used in Air Pollution Containment Districts without disrupting the environment, nor displacing jobs.

While the transition from CFCs, to HCFCs, to HFCs has meant compromised thermal efficiencies in the foams produced by each succeeding transition, it has been shown that ecomate can produce foams with equivalent thermal properties to those obtained with current HFCs.

Since ecomate requires only half as much material as current HFCs to achieve an equivalent density, it becomes even more environmentally benign, not to mention more cost effective. Using ecomate instead of HFCs will dramatically reduce the long term emission of Greenhouse Gases from polyurethane insulating foams without additional environmental impact.