Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Congressional Room (Capital Hilton)

New Method for Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohols Using Ionic Liquid

Seungbae Lee and Jong Chan Lee. Chung-Ang university, Seoul, South Korea

Rather than striving to minimize human exposure to and environmental release of hazardous organic solvents, green chemistry seeks to replace hazardous solvents with alternative solvents or reaction media presenting reduced health risks and environmental impact. In this viewpoint, one of the most interesting features of [bmim]BF4 is its ability to be powerful alternative to the other hazardous organic solvents. In our work, we thought that more efficient, environmentally benign method in [bmim]BF4 was necessary and use of iodine should overcome one or more disadvantages shown in other conventional oxidation methods. In this respect, we studied the oxidation of benzyl alcohols by using I2/Li2CO3 in [bmim]BF4. In this work, the oxidation reactions of primary benzylic alcohols with I2/Li2CO3 at 60C gave excellent yield of benzaldehydes. After I2 and Li2CO3 were mixed in [bmim]BF4. In cases of secondary benzylic alcohols the corresponding ketones were obtained in yields.

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