Tuesday, June 24, 2008: 10:30 AM-12:10 PM
New York (Capital Hilton)
Analytical Methods and Technologies (hm)
Analytical Methods and Technologies
The session will examine advances in assessing analytical methodologies within the context of green chemistry, novel in-situ measurement techniques, energy efficient separation techniques, and process analytical chemistry to provide real-time monitoring. Presentations on the latest advances in techniques and technologies are welcomed.
Organizer:Doug Raynie
10:30 AMA Green Chemistry Assessment for Analytical and Chemical Processes
Julee Driver, Douglas Raynie, Paul Jackson
10:50 AMInstructional Resourses for the Teaching of Green Analytical Chemistry
Douglas Raynie
11:10 AMMicro-Scale HPLC Generates < 1% of the Solvent Waste of Conventional Analytical LC
Justin E. Kittell, Phil Paul, Don Arnold, Dave Neyer, Phil DeLand, Jason Rehm
11:30 AMDirect Analysis in Real Time (DART)/ High Resolution Mass Spectrometry: Green Chemistry Applications
Ted H. E. Mendum, John C. Warner
11:50 AMGreen Product Design of Temperature Sensors
Maria Nydia Ruiz Felix, Robert P. Hesketh, Robert Newland, Darius Kuciauskas

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