Wednesday, June 25, 2008: 3:40 PM-5:40 PM
New York (Capital Hilton)
Process Design (rr)
Fine Chemical Process Design
This session will cover new developments in green process design, green reaction metrics, green manufacturing strategies, and energy efficient technologies. Contributions also are welcomed in areas such as reaction modeling, scale-up rules, and reactor engineering.
Organizer:Julie B. Manley
3:40 PMSolvent and Copper Free Sonogashira Reactions Utilizing High-Speed Ball Milling
Dennis A. Fulmer
4:00 PMA Collaborative Partnership to Develop Strategies for Waste Minimization and Solvent Recovery for the Celecoxib Process
Mariano J. Savelski, C. Stewart Slater, Gregory Hounsell, Daniel Pilipauskas, Frank Urbanski
4:20 PMPalladium Removal from Reaction Mixtures by Fixed Bed Adsorption
Michael J. Girgis, Laura E. Kuczynski, Sonia M. Berberena, Caitlin A. Boyd, Pamela L. Kubinski, Megerle L. Scherholz, Donald Drinkwater, Min Yang, Xiaoxuan Shen, Stan Babiak, Stephanie Farrell, Robert Hesketh, Brian G. Lefebvre
4:40 PMProcess Improvement of a Crystallization Using a Green Engineering Approach
Daniel Sujo N., Stephanie Farrell, Robert P. Hesketh
5:00 PMDevelopments toward a Green Stille Reaction
Nicole M. Torres, William P. Gallagher, Robert E. Maleczka Jr.

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