Wednesday, June 25, 2008: 2:00 PM-3:40 PM
New York (Capital Hilton)
Synthesis (s)
Synthetic Processes
This session will cover biological transformations, chemical transformations that minimize energy input, reactivity and toxicity in the design of synthetic methods, synthesis in aqueous systems, strategies to impart new properties and performance in molecules and materials, direct derivatization and elimination of substitution reactions, and design for degradation and recyclability.
Organizer:Janet Nelson
2:00 PMConvergent Green Synthesis of Linezolid (Zyvox)
William R. Perrault, James B. Keeler, William C. Snyder, Christian L. Clark, Michael R. Reeder, Richard J. Imbordino, Rebecca M. Anderson, Nabil Ghazal, Stephen L. Seacrest, Bruce A. Pearlman
2:20 PMA Practical and Green Chemical Approach for the Manufacture of NK1 Antagonist LY686017
Dr. Michael E. Kopach, Dr. Tony Zhang, Dr. Scott Coffey, Dr. Alfio Borghese, Michael Kobierski, William Trankle
3:00 PMSynthesis of Amino Functionalised 2,4,6-Triarylpyridines and 1,5-Diketones Via Process Intensification on Rotating Surfaces
Nicole M. Smith, Marck Norret, Colin L. Raston

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