Thursday, June 26, 2008: 1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Federal Room B (Capital Hilton)
Education and Outreach (en)
Session IV: Education and Outreach
Organizer:Linda Vanasupa
1:30 PMProviding Real-Life Experience While Learning Green Chemistry Principles
Dalila G. Kovacs
1:50 PMTowards the Greening of Our Minds: A New Course Offered at Washington College, Chestertown, MD
Anne E. Marteel-Parrish
2:10 PMTeaching Students about Consumer Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals
Shonali Laha
2:30 PMUsing the Rowan University Engineering Clinic Model to Implement Green Engineering Partnerships with the Pharmaceutical Industry
C. Stewart Slater, Mariano J. Savelski, Brian G. Lefebvre, Stephanie Farrell, Robert P. Hesketh
2:50 PMUnderstanding and Implementing the Principles of Green Chemistry in Industry
Amy S. Cannon
3:10 PMC2B2 - a Biorefining Collaboratory
John R. Dorgan, Alan Weimer, Ryan T. Gill, Will Medlin, Kenneth F. Reardon, Al Darzins

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