Wednesday, June 25, 2008: 2:00 PM-5:40 PM
South American AB (Capital Hilton)
Environmental Decision Making and Metrics (mt)
Applications and Tools for Environmental Decision Making
This session will cover issues related to the assessment of sustainable processes. Topics to be covered include greening the supply chain, life-cycle assessment of energy systems and materials, metrics and benchmarking, and government policies that could advance or hinder adoption of green chemistry and engineering technologies. Contributions also are welcomed in methods to assess toxicity and sustainability in the absence of complete information.
Organizer:Richard Helling
2:00 PMLCA and EHS Comparison of Biocatalytic and Chemical Pharmaceutical Synthesis: 7-ACA
Concepción Jiménez-González, Richard K. Henderson, David JC Constable, Chris Preston, John Woodley
2:40 PMNatural Oil Polythiols and Polyols–a Life Cycle Comparison
Thomas A. Upshaw, William J. Fisher, Eric J. Netemeyer
3:00 PMClean and Green: Progress in the Development of Environmentally-Friendly Lubricants
Alan C. Eachus
3:20 PMBreak
3:40 PMAutomated Ammunition Design for Demil Utilizing Web-Based "Green" Capabilities
George R. Thompson, Kevin Kennedy, Tyrone D. Nordquist
4:00 PMSustainability Framework for Process and Product Development
Carol English, David Taschler, Charlene A. Wall
4:20 PMCleanGredients(SM) as a Consensus-Based Tool
Alec Gosse, Topher Buck
4:40 PMChemical Product Evaluation and Screening - Tools for Real World Decision Making
Marilyn Johnson

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