Tuesday, June 24, 2008: 1:30 PM-4:30 PM
South American AB (Capital Hilton)
Environmental Decision Making and Metrics (mt)
Methodologies for Assessment and Sustainability
This session will cover issues related to the assessment of sustainable processes. Topics to be covered include greening the supply chain, life-cycle assessment of energy systems and materials, metrics and benchmarking, and government policies that could advance or hinder adoption of green chemistry and engineering technologies. Contributions also are welcomed in methods to assess toxicity and sustainability in the absence of complete information.
Organizer:Richard Helling
1:30 PMComparative Assessment of Chemicals Impacts on Ecosystems and Human Health Using the USEtox Model
Olivier Jolliet, Michael Hauschild, Mark Huijbregts, Manuele Margni, Thomas McKone, Matt MacLeod, Dick Van de Meent, Ralph Rosenbaum
2:10 PMA Methodology for Driving Environmental Improvements in the Process Development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
James A. Baird, Stephen Evans, Mark Hoyle, Magnus Bergqvist, Daniel J. Horner
2:30 PMDeveloping Proactive Design Strategies in Nanoscience to Reduce Uncertainty, Enhance Performance and Minimize Hazard
Bettye L.S. Maddux, Stacey L. Harper, Robert T. Tanguay, James E. Hutchison
2:50 PMBASF's Socio-Eco-Efficiency Analysis: A Method for Evaluating the Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts of Products
Christopher A. Bradlee
3:10 PMBreak
3:30 PMBenchmarking Sustainability
Darlene Schuster, Subhas Sikdar, Calvin B. Cobb
3:50 PMEnvironmental Decision Making & Metrics: Methodoligies for Assessment & Sustainability
Sharon Austin

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