Wednesday, June 25, 2008: 2:00 PM-5:40 PM
Federal Room A (Capital Hilton)
Catalysis (pc)
Catalysis: Session I
This session will address new methods to reduce the energy intensity of chemical processes with catalysts that are highly selective and provide rapid reaction times without the use of substances as hazardous to humans and the environment. Attendees will learn about advances in the development of multifunctional catalysts, novel catalysts with preferential solubility in green solvents, single-site catalysis, catalyst separation and recycling, use of enzymes in novel chemical transformations, mechanisms of enzymatic reactions in the design of biomimetic analogues, single-site heterogeneous catalysts, substrate-selective conversion of complex materials, design and synthesis of chiral catalysts and novel catalytic materials. Engineering and commercialization issues also will be addressed.
Organizer:Milton R. Smith III
2:00 PMSiliceous Mesocellular Foam (MCF) Supported Catalysts for Green Chemistry
Jaehong Lim, Su Seong Lee, Jackie Y. Ying
2:20 PMThe Use of Transparent Colloidal Titania Sol for Degradation of MTBE and Nitrophenol
Shyam S. Shukla, Kenneth Dorris, Hardik Shah, Mohammad Musaddaq, Richa Shukla
2:40 PMMultifunctional Binary METAL Oxide Composite Nanostructures
Alex Ibhadon, Gilian Greenway, Yue Yue
3:00 PMBreak
3:20 PMAdsorption and Reaction of Multifunctional Oxygenates on Transition Metal Surfaces
J. Will Medlin
3:40 PMDevelopment of An Enzymatic Process for Lipitor
Michael P. Burns, David W. Bauer, Alastair Denholm, Aoife Fahy, Cathal Healy, John O'Shaughnessy, Éanna O'Maitiú, Floriana Stomeo, Gillian Whittaker, John W. Wong
4:00 PMBiocatalytically Synthesized Polypyrrole
Ramaswamy Nagarajan, Rahul Garhwal, Subhalakshmi Nagarajan, Jayant Kumar, Ferdinando F. Bruno, Lynne A. Samuelson
4:20 PMBiocatalytic Production of Unnatural Cyclic Secondary Amino Acids for Peptidomimetic Pharmaceuticals
John Grate
4:40 PMAsymmetric Aldol Reaction Between Benzaldehyde and 2-Butanone in Coordinated Ionic Liquids
Dishun Zhao, Hongyan Cui, Erhong Duan, Qian Li

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