Tuesday, 24 May 2005 - 2:05 PM

This presentation is part of: Applications of LC-MS in Drug Discovery/Development

Applications of Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery

Manish Soni, Sanofi-Aventis, bridgewater, NJ

Today mass spectrometry, in its myriad forms, has become an indispensable analytical tool in bio-pharmaceutical research and development. Its applications span the entire drug discovery and development process from target identification to lead identification to animal and human testing. In this presentation, we will provide examples of some of the ways in which mass spectrometry is used in the drug discovery process at sanofi-aventis. We will describe some of our efforts to tightly integrate the various hardware, software and processes within and outside of our labs to achieve optimum efficiency and throughput. This presentation will conclude with a brief look at the direction we are heading in the future. We will describe our implementation of a new LIMS for sample and analytical data tracking and implementation of expert software tools for processing, dereplication, validation and visualization of experimental data.

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