Sunday, 22 May 2005

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High School Fitness Assessment

Alycia K. Ryan, The Health and Medical Science Academy at Morristown High School, Morristown, NJ


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of high school fitness programs on the student population in order to gather data that can be used to help students design an individual fitness program. Specific protocols were designed to assist subjects in reaching personal fitness goals based upon the outcomes of the five individual fitness assessments. A body composition protocol was designed to assess body fat and body mass index. A heart rate protocol was designed to assess heart rate before, during, and after exercise. A flexibility protocol was designed to assess flexibility and range of motion. A strength protocol was designed to assess maximum muscular strength of the chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and buttocks. Lastly, an endurance protocol was designed to assess the subject's muscular endurance by having subjects perform a push-up test and sit-up test. The designed protocols were followed by subjects for a 22 day physical education cycle. The proposed outcome for student subjects was to maintain and optimal level of personal fitness, identify and evaluate personal physiological response to exercise, and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic physiological principles of exercise and wellness.

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