Tuesday, 24 May 2005

This presentation is part of: Graduate Posters

Controlling the Crystal Growth of Polymorphs with 2-Dimensional Templates

Rupa Hiremath, Stephen W. Varney, Joseph A. Basile, Megan J. Carroll, and Jennifer A. Swift. Georgetown University, Washington, DC

A polymorph is a solid crystalline phase of a given compound resulting from the possibility of at least two different arrangements of the molecules of that compound in the solid state. Polymorphs can have different physical properties including solubility, melting point, flow characteristics, and bioavailability. Controlling and/or limiting the number and type of drug polymorphs are of paramount importance to pharmaceutical and commercial industries. Specially functionalized 2D self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) developed in our laboratory have been used as templates to (A) exhibit orientational control over crystal growth direction (B) selectively reduce the number of polymorphic forms obtained, and (C) discover new polymorphic phases. Examples of each phenomenon will be presented.

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