Sunday, 22 May 2005

This presentation is part of: Pre-College Reseach Posters

Altering Biomineralization

Ilya Sabnani1, Joanna Aizenberg2, and Bernice Feuer1. (1) Kent Place School, Westfield, NJ, (2) Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ

Organisms always adapt to their environment to protect themselves from predators and to help themselves in getting necessary nutrients for living. One form of protection is an outer covering; sea organisms have very intricate outer coverings that protect them from prey and help in getting essential resources, such as light or food. The intriguing nature of these skeletal elements is due to the presence of various substances, including proteins. In my experiment, I will explore the role of protein in the formation of skeletal elements. I will use biological species, such as brittlestar and sea urchin, to grow calcite crystals in vitro. These crystals will then be examined under the microscope and differences in the structure will be noted.

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