Tuesday, 24 May 2005

This presentation is part of: Graduate Posters

Synthetic Studies Towards Ustiloxin Natural Products

Cory D. Evans, Pixu Li, and Madeleine M. Joulliť. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

The ustiloxin family of heterodetic cyclopeptides were isolated from the parasitic false smut balls on the panicles of rice plants in 1992. Although only moderately cytotoxic, the ustiloxins are highly potent inhibitors of microtubule assembly. The ustiloxins share a common 13-membered peptide macrocycle with a chiral tertiary alkyl-aryl ether linkage. Two total syntheses of ustiloxin D have been reported to date. Development of a new method for the synthesis of chiral tertiary alkyl-aryl ethers and a synthetic approach towards incorporation of the sulfinyl sidechain of ustiloxin A will be described.

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