Sunday, 22 May 2005 - 1:35 PM

This presentation is part of: Using Technology to Inspire Students, Teachers and Mentors

There's No Wrong Way To Get Involved

Sabrina Marie Varanelli, Pope John XXIII Regional High School, Newton, NJ

This presentation traces the history of FIRST Robotics Team #1302, and will explain insight that we have gained and experiences that we have learned as a result of our unique and successful team management and organizational system. The presentation has been designed to cover the formation and organization of a team, and will start go over team foundation, and the recruiting of both team members and staff and school support. The presentation will cover inter and intra-team relationships and will include discussion on team building and student and adult interaction, with strong emphasis on the concept of “Gracious Professionalism.” We will also include ideas for training team members and for the integration of robotics and engineering into school curriculums through the FIRST Lego League Program. The presentation will then move into the more complex topics of team organization and will include Team member organization, leadership roles, time management, meeting formats, and inter-team communication. Mentor and student roles will also be discussed, in addition to discussion on ways to work effectively with a school administration to accomplish team goals.

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