Sunday, 22 May 2005

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Various sound effects on Wisconsin Fast Plants

Charmi Shah, John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, Iselin, NJ

Research indicates that sound waves affect all living organisms. The main purpose of experimenting with plants was to scrutinize the various sounds affecting the plants growth. It is believed that the vibrations of music interact with the roots of the plants by giving different frequencies. Loud, hard music has a different effect on the plants, than Indian raga music. (Dorothy Retallack and Professor Broman, 1973) In this experiment, three groups of plants were planted and exposed to two types of music, Indian raga and rock music. One of the groups was the control (group 1), which received no music, just natural atmosphere. Group 2 received the Indian raga music, when group 3 was given rock music. Each group received music for five hours simultaneously at the same volume level, except the control. Results indicate that plants exposed to raga music showed a significant higher growth and better leaf quality. In the future, farmers and agricultural workers may use raga music to increase growth in their plants and crops.

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