Sunday, 22 May 2005

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A Numerical Design Simulation of a Novel Notched Airfoil

Jayanth Krishnamurthi, John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, Iselin, NJ

A novel wing design was evaluated based on the Kline-Fogleman airfoil using numerical simulation software. Unlike conventional wing designs, the Kline-Fogleman foil contains a notched, hollow pocket on the lower surface that creates a high pressure bubble capable of sustaining the foil at high angles of attack. Three replicas of the foil were created and were modified to include a conventional rounded leading edge. In addition, the height, angle, and location of the notch were varied in order to determine their effects. It was hypothesized that lift will primarily be proportional to the notch height, with notch location playing a minor role. The three designs and a baseline foil were tested under specific flight conditions. Results indicate a 12.5 % increase in maximum lift from the baseline foil, with minimal increase in drag. These modified designs have many prominent applications, especially ones where stall-resistance is important.

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