Sunday, 22 May 2005 - 12:00 PM

This presentation is part of: Marine and Coastal Sciences

Earth System Science: In the World & In Our Classrooms

Missy Holzer, NJ Earth Science Teachers Association, Somerset, NJ

Earth System Science is evolving at a rate faster than geologic time could ever track. With the use of various technologies such as satellites, high speed computers, and advanced field methods, we can now see Earth, its surface, atmosphere, oceans, and ecosystems with greater detail than ever before, and we now understand the universe deeper and farther in space and time than we ever have before. It is our challenge to take these advancements in Earth System Science and relate them to our students. How do we convey the excitement and energy of this evolving field of science to our students? There are a number of new resources and tools to aid an Earth System Science teacher in their quest to keep their classroom as alive and exciting as the field they're teaching about. Join us for a session of some of the best teaching practices in Earth System Science where the focus will be on the applications of Earth System Science to recent phenomena and understanding our Earth as a system.

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