Tuesday, 24 May 2005: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Room 210 (Science & Engineering Resource Center)

Analytical Chemistry Frontiers (ANAL)

Novel Instrumentation and Applications of Mass Spectrometry in ADME studies

This session describes new strategies and new HPLC-MS/MS instrumentation that can be used for New Drug Discovery and Development.
Presider:Dr. Walter Korfmacher
9:00 AM Special Applications of MS for Metabolite Identification as Part of Drug Development
Ragu Ramanathan, Swapan Chowdhury
9:30 AM Novel LC-MS Applications for Preclinical ADME/PK Assays
Ron Kong, Dahai Dong, Kimloan Nguyen, Martha Vallejo, Gamini Chandrasena
10:00 AM Rapid Pharmacokinetic Analysis in Drug Discovery Utilizing Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled with the Micromass Quattro Premier
Cymbelene Nardo, Dr. Sam Wainhaus, Dr. Walter Korfmacher
10:30 AM On-line Sample Preparation Techniques for Faster LC-MS/MS Assays of Preclinical Samples
Voon S. Ong
11:00 AM APPI-MS: Applications and Use in a Drug Discovery Environment
Ganfeng Wang, Yunsheng Hsieh
11:30 AM Drug ADME analysis, including tissue metabolite profiling, in a few rats using a combination of microplate scintillation counting, capillary LC/MS, and whole-body autoradiography
Mingshe Zhu

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