Wednesday, 25 May 2005: 9:15 AM-12:30 PM

Room 117 (Science & Engineering Resource Center)

Celebrating The Contributions of Chemists (CEL)

ACS Waksman Landmark: Celebrating Waksman

Selman Waksman’s rational screen yielded the Rutgers Actinomycete Antibiotics. Woodruff’s discovery of actinomycin, the first broad spectrum antibiotic that attacked the tubercle bacillus and gram-negative pathogens, spurred screening by Schatz and Bugie and the discovery of streptomycin. Streptomycin attacked Mycobacterium tuberculosis and penicillin insensitive pathogens that caused bubonic plague, cholera and typhoid, and it was non-toxic. Historical and current research will be addressed, the status of TB today, and the Actinomycete treasure trove of immunosuppressants, anthelmintics, anti-tumor agents and coccidiostats. The Actinomycetes turned world health care topsy turvey. Who’d have thought of muddy soil bacteria as such a medical resource?
Presiders:Arnold Demain
Douglas Eveleigh
9:15 AM Welcome: Douglas Eveleigh and Arnold Demain
9:30 AM Plaque presentation to the Waksman Institute: William Carroll and Joachim Messing
9:45 AM Natural product antibiotics from actinomycetes - past, present and (hopefully) future
William Strohl
10:15 AM Why aren't we finding antibiotics as easily as we used to?
Julian Davies
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM Soil as a source of genes encoding the production of novel anti-microbials
Gerben Zylstra, Boris Wawrik, Jerome J. Kukor
11:15 AM Small-molecule inhibitors of bacterial RNA polymerase
J. Mukhopadhyay, E. Sineva, Y.W. Ebright, V. Mekler, A. Volkov, A. Srivastava, A. Kravets, D. Wang, X. Wang, S. Ismail, S. Sarafianos, S. Tuske, B. Hudson, A. Clarke, J. Birktoft, C. Dharia, M. Bayro, G.V.T. Swapna, J. Huang, L.C. Ma, J. Knight, O. Laptenko, J. Lee, S. Borukhov, H. Berman, E. Arnold, G. Montelione, R. Levy, R.H. Ebright
11:30 AM TB: Global Time bomb
Lee Reichman
12:00 PM Actinomycete secondary metabolites: gifts from the soil
Arnold Demain

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