Monday, 23 May 2005: 2:30 PM-7:00 PM

Poster Areas (Busch Campus Center)

Organic Chemistry (ORG)

Bench Top to Pilot Plant Posters

Organizers:Anita J. Brandolini
A. Singh
Shankar Swaminathan
Nucleophilic displacement at suitably activated secondary benzylic alcohol by a sulfonamide-Development and scale-up for the preparation of an intermediate in the synthesis of a drug candidate in Alzheimer's disease
Ming Yang, M. Saindane, C. Nilsen, A. Staab, K. Gesenberg, K. Wong, T. Vu, Z. Shi, J. Fan, G. Crispino, Y. Pendri, Siva J. Prasad, A. Singh
Process Development for Pilot Plant Synthesis of Methyl 2-Bromo-6-chlorobenzoate
Matthew R. Hickey, Shawn P. Allwein, Todd D. Nelson, Michael H. Kress, Osama S. Sudah, Mahmoud Kaba, Aaron J. Moment, Paul Fernandez
Implementation of HPLC Automation for the Analysis and Purification of Chiral Molecules
Craig K. Esser, Regina M Black, Derek Von Langen
Photodegradant of Razaxaban: Structure Characterization Using 15N NMR Techniques
Qingmei Ye, Yande Huang, Liya Tang, Scott Miller, Charles Pathirana, VP Palaniswamy
Solvent swap tracking using an in-situ Foss Near-IR probe
Charles Van Kirk, Elias Mattas, Ehrlic Lo, Scott Savage, Shih-Ying Chang
Solvent and Temperature Mediated Pharmaceutical Polymorphic Transformation
Lifen Shen, Dimuthu Jayawickrama
A Novel IGF-IR signaling inhibitor: A Challenge to Process Chemists
Joel S. Slade, Joginder Bajwa, Prasad Kapa, Hui Liu, John Calienni, James Vivelo, David Parker, Guang-Pei Chen, Edwin Villhauer
Assessing Feasibility of Supercritical Reaction Processes Using Benchtop Laboratory Equipment
Kenneth J. James, Kenneth R. Krewson
Membrane Pervaporation Process for Diacetone Alcohol Water Separations
Timothy Schurmann, Joshua MacMillan, Angela Zimarowski, C. Stewart Slater

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