Tuesday, 24 May 2005: 2:30 PM-7:00 PM

Poster Areas (Busch Campus Center)

ADMET at the Crossroads of Drug Discovery (ADME)

ADMET Posters

Organizers:Anita J. Brandolini
Donglu Zhang
Distribution of Periodontopathic Bacteria Among Asian Indians
Shari Smith, Elizabeth Pelaez, Raji Subramaniam, Patricia Schneider
Essential Fatty Acid Metabolizing Enzymes Expression in the Developing Rat Placenta and Trophoblastic Models
Yan Xu, Gregory T. Knipp, Thomas J. Cook
Preliminary Oral Pharmacokinetics of the Potential Chemopreventive Agents Farnesol and Geraniol
Joseph G. Desiderio, Harold Newmark, Thomas J. Cook

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