Monday, 23 May 2005: 2:30 PM-7:00 PM

Poster Areas (Busch Campus Center)

Inorganic Chemistry (INOR)

Inorganic and Organometallic Posters

Organizer:Anita J. Brandolini
Presider:Alan S. Goldman
Exploring the Chemistry of Aqueous Ionic Zinc for Various Applications
Sabrina G. Sobel, William F. Nirode, Tracy Concepcion, Allison Haigney
One-Pot Synthesis of Acyclic Epoxy Alcohols and Allylic Epoxy Alcohols
Ann Rowley Kelly, Alice E. Lurain, Patrick J. Walsh
In Vitro Studies on Solubilizing Tattoo Pigments
Lisa Sibley, Raymond Nocon, M Gerety, S. A. Katz
The Interactions of Simple Co(III) Complexes with DNA Oligomers
Jaime M. Ferreira, Richard D. Sheardy
Investigation of trimetallic light absorbing complexes that photocleave DNA
Matthew T. Mongelli, Mark Elvington, David Zigler, Jerita Dubash, Matthew Jeletic, Brenda S. J. Winkel, Karen J. Brewer
The Effect of Spacer Chain Length in Phosphine-Imidazolium Compounds on the Catalytic Hydrogenation of Polymeric Materials
Richard J. Rosso, Nawras Harsouni, Christi Gandham, Aman Deep, Vicky Choda
First Isolation, Characterization, and Binding Studies of a 1,2-Diborylated Ferrocene Dimer
Krishnan Venkatasubbaiah, Lev N. Zakharov, Scott Kassel, Arnold L. Rheingold, Frieder Jškle
Imidazolium porphyrins as precursors to porphyrin arrays
Virginia W. C. Seng, Rukya Ali, Xiulan Wang, Farah Charles-Pierre, Weici Fang, Alison G. Hyslop
Phosphorous Substituted Porphryins, Synthesis and Characterization
Salome Bhagan, Alison G. Hyslop
Organic polymer frameworks that become fully-conjugated upon metallation
Donald W. Carpenetti II, Alan Grubb
The Hexakis(thiocyanato)ferrate(III) Ion: a Coordination Chemistry Classic Reveals an Interesting Geometry Pattern for the Thiocyanate Ligands
Anthony W. Addison, Vitaly V. Pavlishchuk, Raymond J. Butcher, Laurence K. Thompson, Zoltan Homonnay, Michael J. Prushan
Effect of lanthanum and neodymium incorporation on oxygen storage capacity of ceria-zirconia mixed oxides
Donald W. Carpenetti II, Eric Seabright
Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed Ligand Rhodium(III) Complexes
Stephanie R. Ovalles, Elise G. Megehee
Synthesis and Characterization of Luminescent Osmium (II) Halide and Phosphine Complexes
Pantea Menhaji, Elise G. Megehee
Synthesis and Characterization of New Luminescent Osmium(II) Polypyridyl Complexes
Irma N. Tertulien, Elise G. Megehee
Characterization of biologically active bis-(hinokitiolato)copper(II) complexes
S. Y. Kim, C. A. Heyer, M. Berardini, D. M. Ho, G.M. Arvanitis
Copper(II) Complexes of Tetradentate Thioether-Oxime Ligands
Michael J. Prushan, Anthony W. Addison, Raymond J. Butcher, Laurence K. Thompson
Dehydrogenation of aliphatic polymers (polyolefins) catalyzed by pincer-ligated iridium complexes
Amlan Ray, Alan S. Goldman

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