Tuesday, 24 May 2005: 9:00 AM-11:40 AM

Lecture Theatre (Fiber Optics)

Graduate (GRAD)

Graduate Presentations

Organizer:Yorke Rhodes
Presider:Yorke Rhodes
9:00 AM Enantioselective synthesis of majusculone
M. Inthikhab Sikkander
9:25 AM The Effect of Fuel Type and Aftertreatment Devices on Mobile School Bus Emissions from Diesel Powered School Buses
Sarina Colligan, Andrew Toback, Anthony J. Marchese, Robert P. Hesketh
9:50 AM Influence of Bead Size on Activity and Distribution of Candida Antarctica Lipase B (CAL-B) Adsorbed on Macroporous Polyacrylic Beads
Bo Chen, Richard Gross
10:15 AM New Fluorogenic Calix[4]arene-bis-crown-6 Ether for Selective Recognition of Cs+
Ebony D. Roper, Galina G. Talanova, Maryna G. Gorbunova, Richard A. Bartsch, Vladimir S. Talanov
10:40 AM Removal of Depleted Uranium from Water Using Titanium Dioxide
Christine Chin Choy, Mahmoud Wazne, Xiaoguang Meng
11:05 AM A New Biological Fluorescent Probe: PheCN
Matthew J. Tucker, Feng Gai

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