Tuesday, 24 May 2005: 1:30 PM-5:15 PM

Room 217 (Science & Engineering Resource Center)

Computers in Chemistry (COMP)

Molecular Modeling throughout the Drug Discovery Process II

Organizers:Wendy D. Cornell
Prabha Karnachi
Presider:Wendy D. Cornell
1:30 PM Targeting Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery
Beth Lunney
2:10 PM Design of New AIDS Drugs: A Multi-disciplinary Attack on the Problem of Drug Resistance
Kalyan Das, Arthur D. Clark, Yulia Volovik Frenkel, Paul J. Lewi, Jan Heeres, Marc R. de Jonge, Lucien M. H. Koymans, Paul A.J. Janssen, Donald W. Ludovici, Bart De Corte, Robert W. Kavash, Chih Y. Ho, Hong Ye, Mark. A. Lichtenstein, Michael J. Kukla, Rudi Pauwels, Koen Andries, Marie-Pierre de Béthune, Stephen H. Hughes, Eddy Arnold
2:50 PM Intermission
3:05 PM Cardiac Ion Channel Pharmacology and Structure-Function Analysis
Chris Culberson
3:45 PM Patenting 3D Structural Information in the Aftermath of the Trilateral Project
Alicia Russo
4:25 PM Break
4:35 PM Panel Discussion -- Career Opportunities in Drug Discovery Molecular Modeling

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