Monday, June 18, 2007 - 8:40 AM
The Kestrels (Boise Centre on the Grove)

Electrophoretic Flow Cell System for Biological Sensing

Vindhya Kunduru and Shalini Prasad. Portland State University, Portland, OR

We demonstrate a technique to detect protein biomarkers contained in vulnerable coronary plaque using a platform based microelectrode array. One of the applications of clinical proteomics is the development of protein sensor platform technologies for rapid bedside detection of disease biomarkers. The detection scheme is based on the property of high specificity binding between antibody – antigen similar to most immuno assay techniques. Rapid clinical diagnosis can be achieved by detecting the amount of protein composed in blood by analyzing the protein's electrical signature. Polystyrene beads which act as transportation agents for the immobile proteins (antigen) are electrically aligned to form conductive paths between the chosen electrodes by application of homogenous electric fields. The principle of electrophoresis is employed to produce calculated electrokinetic movement amongst the Anti-CRP (antibody) functionalized polystyrene beads. The electrophoretic movement of antibody functionalized polystyrene beads results in the formation of “Microbridges” between the two electrodes of interest which aid in the amplification of the antigen- antibody binding event. Sensitive electrical equipment is utilized for capturing the amplified signal from the “Microbridge” which essentially behaves as a conducting path between the two electrodes. The technique circumvents the disadvantages of conventional protein detection methods by being rapid, non invasive, label free, repeatable and inexpensive. The same principle of detection can be applied for any receptor – ligand based systems since the technique is based only on the volume of the analyte of interest. Detection of the inflammatory coronary disease biomarker CRP is achieved at concentration levels spanning over the lower microgram/ml to higher order nanogram/ml ranges.