Monday, June 18, 2007
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The potential "fat burning" effects of the liquid dietary supplement Mango.xan(R)

'Afa K. Palu1, Wayne Geilman2, and Brett J. West1. (1) Tahitian Noni International, American Fork, UT, (2) Pure Fruit Techonologies, American Fork, UT

Fruits have impacted our lives for centuries due to their potential health benefits including antioxidants, anticancer, immunomodulation, cell metabolism, and a host of other benefits. Such benefits have greatly increased the marketing and consumption of fruits in a variety of liquid dietary supplements. Among the health benefits attributed to fruit juices and other plant-based products is the achievement of a healthier weight, when used in conjunction with diet and exercise. Such products often contain compound(s) that can bind to and stimulate ▀-1 and ▀-3 adrenergic receptors. These have been shown in scientific studies to increase energy, lipolysis and help maintain a healthier weight. To this end, we have investigated the in-vitro effects of a commercial liquid dietary supplement Mango.xan« (MX) on adrenergic receptors. With 2 replications each of 1 and 2.5% concentrations, the results showed a clear concentration-dependent binding to and stimulation of, ▀-1 and ▀-3 adrenergic receptors by MX. Interestingly, these binding and stimulation effects were more pronounced for ▀-3 than for ▀-1 adrenergic receptors: at 1%, ▀-3 and ▀-1 were 453 and 38%, respectively; at 2.5%, ▀-3 and ▀-1 were 463 and 58%, respectively. These results show that Mango.xan«, through this adrenergic stimulation mechanism, has the potential to increase energy and help maintain a healthier weight in conjunction with diet and exercise. Further studies and clinical trial are therefore warranted to assess the dosage and efficacy of Mango.xan« concerning energy and weight managements in humans.