Monday, June 18, 2007: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
The Merlins (Boise Centre on the Grove)
Green Chemistry
This symposium will cover the replacement of organic chemicals from petroleum sources with those derived from renewable sources.
Organizer:William Samuels
Presider:William Samuels
1:00 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:05 PM“Green” Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor process converts Natural Chemistry in source water to protect Cooling Tower system metals operating with Zero Liquid Discharge
Dan A. Duke
1:30 PMPromote sustainable systems that reduce our environmental footprint
Andrea Copping
1:55 PMPreparation and characterization of nanoscale catalysts for the production of synthetic fuels
Harry W. Rollins, Lucia M. Petkovic, Daniel M. Ginosar
2:20 PMPreparation of High Molecular Weight, Branched, Carbohydrate Based Polyamides Utilizing a Novel, Low Pressure, Dinitrile to Diamine Catalytic Hydrogenation
Travis T. Denton, Donald E. Kiely
2:45 PMBreak
3:10 PMStereoregular Hydroxylated Nylons (Polyhydroxypolyamides, PHPAs) Based on Mannaric Acid from D-Mannose
Chrissie A. Carpenter, Donald E. Kiely
3:35 PMTaxol: Anticancer drug can be extracted from soil
Angela Hoffman, Daniel Cruse, Stephen Cheung, Lia LaBrant, Matthew Brookes, Eric Davis, David Vo
4:00 PMD3 Deicers; A set of Biobased Deicing/anti-icing Fluids with Reduced Toxicity and COD
W. D. Samuels, S.P. Chauhan, H. N. Conkle, M.S. Roshon
4:25 PMConcluding Remarks

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