Monday, June 18, 2007: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
The Peregrins (Boise Centre on the Grove)
B Symposia (sp)
The Chemistry of Advanced Nuclear Systems: Separations
The northwest is a hotbed of research geared towards understanding the fundamental chemistry and behavior of actinide and lanthanide elements as it pertains to the design and implementation of the next generation of nuclear energy systems and environmental remediation. This research area encompasses scientists from both academia and national laboratories, including (but not limited to) Washington State University, University of Idaho, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Idaho National Laboratory. Given current trends in federal funding, the formation of the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, and the anticipated construction of several new nuclear reactors in the U.S., researchers in the northwest are poised to take center stage in what will be a national effort to tackle the major scientific challenges associated with advanced nuclear systems. These include: 1) mastering the chemistry and physics of actinides and actinide-bearing materials, 2) developing multiscale descriptions of material properties in complex materials under potentially extreme conditions, and 3) understanding and designing new molecular systems to gain control of chemical selectivity during processing. The proposed symposium provides a forum for computational and experimental researchers from these and other institutions to share their progress on these issues, foster collaborative relationships, and address future areas of interest. There will be four umbrella topics, one for each half-day session. These will include: 1) environmental actinide chemistry, 2) theoretical modeling and simulation of heavy elements and new materials for nuclear systems applications, 3) separations for spent fuel processing, and 4) fuels and waste forms, including material performance under radiative fields.
Sponsor: NORM 07 and the Pacific Division Chemistry Section
Organizers:Aurora E. Clark
Wibe (Bert) De Jong
Presider:Aurora E. Clark
8:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:05 AMChallenges for Actinide Separations in Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles
Ken Nash
8:35 AMSelective extraction of americium and curium in acidic media by symmetric and asymmetric dithiophosphinic acids
Dean R. Peterman, Mitchell R. Greenhalgh, John R. Klaehn, Mason K. Harrup, Richard D. Tillotson, Thomas A. Luther, Jack D. Law
9:05 AMIdentifying americium speciation for advanced separations
Leigh R. Martin, Bruce J. Mincher, Nicholas C. Schmitt
9:35 AMPhase Transfer Kinetics of Trivalent Actinides and Lanthanides in Phosphorus Reagent Extraction Systems
Mikael Nilsson, Ken Nash
9:55 AMBreak
10:15 AMSeparation uranium/technetium for the UREX process
Julie Du Mazaubrun, Frederic Poineau, Ken Czerwinski, Gordon Jarvinen, Doris Ford
10:45 AMSeparation Potential of Cloud Point Extraction of Lanthanide Salts
Melissa A. Ensor, Ken Nash
11:05 AMEffect of Acetohydroxamic Acid on Distribution of Pu(IV) in 30% TBP
Alena Paulenova, Peter Tkac
11:35 AMDevelopment of a Two-phase Calorimetric Method for the Studies of Thermodynamics of Solvent Extraction
Peter Zalupski, Ken Nash

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