Monday, June 18, 2007: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Willows (Boise Centre on the Grove)
Analytical Chemistry
General papers in analytical chemistry.
Organizer:James A. Campbell
Presider:James A. Campbell
1:00 PMBreak
1:20 PMDetermination of Ionic Pollutants in Various Matrices Using ASEŽ
Brian Luckenbill, Sheldon Henderson
1:40 PMGravimetric Titrations Revisited
Dale A. Hammond
2:00 PMVerification and consequences of electrostatic fields within IMS drift tube designs
Jill R. Scott, Timothy R. McJunkin, David A. Dahl, Paul L. Tremblay
2:20 PMThe Purity and Stability of Analytical Solutions Stored in Polyethylene Bottles
Rollie J. Myers
2:40 PMLaser-Based Breath Analysis and its Application to Monitoring Metabolic Processes: Variation of Ammonia in Exhaled Breath
James J. Toth, Steven W. Sharpe, Charles LoPresti, Robert Sams
3:00 PMComprehensive Signature Discovery for Non-Invasive Monitoring
Heather Edberg, Kristin Jarman, Nathaniel Beagley, Rachel Bartholomew, Timothy Straub, Jon Wahl
3:20 PMOrganic Analytical Chemistry at the Hanford Site
James A. Campbell
3:40 PMNon-Invasive Techniques for Determining Exposure
James A. Campbell, Charles Timchalk
4:00 PMBiosensing Devices Based on Nanoparticle Labels/Electrochemical Immunoassay for Rapid Diagnosis of Pesticide and Nerve Agent Exposure
Yuehe Lin
4:20 PMPartitioning of Eu(III) between acidic aqueous Al(NO3)3 and Tributyl Phosphate: A comparison of liquid-liquid and extraction chromatographic methods
Jenifer C. Shafer, R. C. Harrington, K. L. Nash
4:40 PMFluorescence-based sensor for technetium
Samuel A. Bryan, Sean E Hightower, Andrew S. Del Negro, Carl J. Seliskar, William R. Heineman, B. Patrick Sullivan
5:00 PMA novel procedure for analyzing whole-air samples for volatile organic compounds using analytical instrumentation designed for thermal desorption of sorbent tubes
Bruce E. Hey

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