Sunday, June 17, 2007: 5:00 PM-10:00 PM
Golden Eagle Eyrie (Boise Centre on the Grove)
Poster Session and Opening Mixer
This poster session will be held as part of NORM 2007 meeting opening activities and primarily will consist of papers related to NORM 2007 symposia.
Organizer:Samuel A. Bryan
Presider:Timothy L. Hubler
Synthetic triptycene analogs with antitumor activity rapidly induce permeability transition in isolated mitochondria
Jean-Pierre H. Perchellet, Elisabeth M. Perchellet, Yang Wang, Kaiyan Lou, Huiping Zhao, Srinivas K. Battina, Duy H. Hua
Stereoregular Hydroxylated Nylons (Polyhydroxypolyamides, PHPAs) Based on Mannaric Acid from D-Mannose
Chrissie A. Carpenter, Donald E. Kiely
What Chemists Need to Know about Copyright
Nicholas R. Natale, William Leong, Kevin P. Gable, Leah Solla, Grace Baysinger, S. Scott Zimmerman, Eric S. Slater
Preparation of High Molecular Weight, Branched, Carbohydrate Based Polyamides Utilizing a Novel, Low Pressure, Dinitrile to Diamine Catalytic Hydrogenation
Travis T. Denton, Donald E. Kiely
How do you explain
Arne Landsberg
Computational and experimental investigation of 4-oxazoline ring-opening and azomethine ylide generation
Alina M. Schimpf, Amber M. Hibberd, Don L. Warner
Saliva as a matrix for the detection of RDX, and TNT and its major metabolites as biomarkers for exposure by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
Esther Mintzer, Anne Kizerian, Karen Grant, Eric W. Hoppe, James A. Campbell
Nonlinear kinetics in the oxidation of Trimethylthiourea (TMTU) by acidic Bromate
Tinashe Ruwona, Reuben Simoyi, Olufunke Olagunju, Tabitha Razunguzwa
Quality and Contamination Control in an Explosives Testing Laboratory
Carla Miller
Upper Rim Functionalization of Resorcinarenes
Ian D. Kihara, Joseph S. Gardner, Joshua J. Pak
Synthesis of a 6-methyl substituted aziridinomitosene that arrests division in HL-60 cancer cells
Jamie Montgomery, Don L. Warner, Stacia M. Rink, Andrea S. Radabaugh, Megan Penner, Matt K. Haga
Activated Carbon Catalysts for the Production of Hydrogen via the Sulfur-Iodine Thermochemical Water Splitting Cycle
Kyle C. Burch, Daniel M Ginosar, Lucia M Petkovic, Tracy P Houghton
DFT calculations on intramolecular hydrogen bond energies
K. Wade Elliott, Douglas W. Brown, Matthew Lewis, Ryan Hansen, Wesley Richards, Jeffrey N. Woodford
Nonlethal detection of bacterial kidney disease in Pacific salmon by near infrared spectroscopy
Tara L. Boethin, Meaghan M. Hammers, Kyle Troutman, Timothy Hoffnagle, David Mayes, Anna Cavinato
On the mechanism of Thalidomide interaction with DNA sub-units
Jessie Byers, R. W . Holman, Jennifer Teixeira, T. Stephens
Modification of Metal Contaminants on Porus Oxide Surfaces by Use of Laser Irradiation
Marnie Cortez, A. K. Gianotto, R. Avci, M. Deliorman, E. Williams, G. S. Groenewold, R. V. Fox*
The development of question-driven lecture modules for organic, biological, forensic, and materials chemistry for incorporation into the high school curriculum
Jennifer Teixeira, R.W. Holman
Gas Permeability Measurements on Polyimide and Polyimide Blends
Christopher J. Orme, John R. Klaehn, Eric S. Peterson, Frederick F. Stewart
Synthesis and Study of Novel Bipyridine Ligands and their Heteroleptic Ruthenium Complexes
Stephanie Pritchard, Adam C. Colson, Dominic X. Denty, Joshua J. Pak
Analysis of seawater total alkalinity independent of gravimetric or volumetric measurements
Robert D. Hart
Non-destructive detection of deep muscle bruising in salmon by near infrared spectroscopy
Meaghan M. Hammers, Anna Cavinato, David Mayes, Mengshi Lin, Barbara A. Rasco
Synthesis of manganese complexes as mimics of the catalase enzymes
T. Steven Broyles Broyles, Bryan Martin, Jeffrey M. Peloquin
Suzuki-Miyaura coupling of acid chloride and trifluoroborates in the synthesis of flavonol analogs
Alaina M. Forbes, G. Patrick Meier
Spectrophotometric characterization of surfactant modulation on herring DNA
Solomon W. Leung, Christopher K. Daniels, James C.K. Lai
Laser induced redistribution of metal contaminants on porous oxide surfaces
Robert V. Fox, M. M. Cortez, A. K. Gianotto, G. S. Groenewold, R. Avci, M. Deliorman
Microwave Assisted Synthesis in the Classroom: Clean, Fast Organic Chemistry
Cynthia B. McGowan, Nicholas Leadbeater, Grace S. Vanier, E. Keller Barnhardt, Bianca Gragg
Micro- and macro- scale comparisons of the contribution of the biopolymers of Listeria monocytogenes to its adhesion to a model surface
Bong-Jae Park, Nehal I. Abu-Lail
Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis on perylene monoimides and diimides anisotropic crystals
Liming Huang, Gyan Aryal, Suk-Wah Tam-Chang
Fluorescent beads for sensing unlabelled nucleic acid
Liming Huang, Melissa Mesa, Suk-Wah Tam-Chang
Adsorption of cesium and cobalt onto cement, granite, and marble
Robert V. Fox, R. D. Ball, T. P. Houghton, S. L. Fox
Dye and nanoparticle based dye sensitized solar cells
Lisa D. Lau, Anna Hoskins, Joseph S. Gardner, Ebner Manuel, Joshua J. Pak, Alan W. Hunt, Rene G. Rodriguez
Integration of NMR spectroscopy throughout the undergraduate chemistry curriculum
Daniel F. Nogales, Jerry D. Harris, D. Timothy Anstine, Jennifer R. Chase
High throughput synthesis of novel ligands for actinide and lanthanide ions
Cortney Hoch, Mark Ogden, Kenneth L. Nash, G. Patrick Meier
Novel approaches to the post irradiation examination of TPBARs
Samuel A. Bryan, Clark D. Carlson, David L. Blanchard, Brian M. Oliver
Two Molecular Beacons with Different Fluorophores and Their Applications in Detection of Waterborne Pathogen DNA
Longbiao Liao, Yu Wang, Anhong Zhou, Richard M. Pires, Lili Wang
Novel Fluorescent Dipyrrinones: Effect of Methoxy groups in Fluorescence
Sanjeev Dey, David A. Lightner
Separation of the octanuclear iron-pyrazolate clusters racemic mixtures
Karilys Gonzalez, Raphael G. Raptis
Flash Chromatography of High pKa Compounds with Speciality RediSep Columns
Veronica Thomason, Paul Bellinghausen
Synthesis and characterization of metal-doped chalcogenide glasses
Morgan G. Davis, Kristy A. Campbell
Mitochondrial Proteomics: Tandem Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Peptides Modified by the Cationic Sulfhydryl Specific Reagent (4-Iodobutyl) triphenylphosphonium
Jing Wang, Claudia Maier
Synthesis of Lactim ether of Dipyrrinones
Suchitra Datta, David A. Lightner
HPLC Method for Analysis of Benzethonium Chloride in Topical Antiseptics
Edward B. Walker, Jeffrey C Walker
Synthesis and properties of 2,3,7,8-tetramethyl-dipyrrin
Suchitra Datta, David A. Lightner
Synthesis of a N,N'-bipyrrole
Sanjeev Dey, David A. Lightner
Peripheral functionalization of Fe8(4-O)4(-4-Rpz)12X4 clusters
Idaliz Rodriguez-Escudero, Indranil Chakraborty, Raphael G. Raptis
Chemical vapor deposited and template synthesized carbon nanotubes for polymer solar cells
Jennifer L. Young, Jerry D. Harris, Dr. Ryne Raffaelle
Increase of positive active material utilization in lead-acid batteries
Rubha Ponraj, Simon McAllister, I. Frank Cheng
The Importance of Calibration A Relationship between Mathematics and Science
Bom Kim, Timothy L. Sorey
Synthesis and characterization of new chemical precursors for p-type metal oxide semiconductors
Jesse S. Hyslop, Jennifer L. Young, Jerry D. Harris, Brian J. Frost
Synthesis of Assymetric Monosubstituted 2,2'-Bipyridine's
Lyle W. Castle, Maurita Jones
Design, synthesis, and molecular docking affinity of 2-methylthio-5-deazaflavins, flavin-5-oxides, aloxazines, and their 2-N-(substituted amino) analogs as potential antitumor agents
Hamed I. Ali, Shinji Miura, Tomohisa Nagamatsu

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