Monday, June 18, 2007: 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Golden Eagle Eyrie (Boise Centre on the Grove)
Poster Session: NORM 2007 and AAASPD
This poster session will be held concurrently with the AAASPD poster session and will be composed primarily of general research and undergraduate research topics.
Sponsor: ACS and AAASPD
Organizers:Samuel A. Bryan
Roger Christianson, Ph.D.
Presiders:Timothy L. Hubler
Roger Christianson, Ph.D.
A Density Functional Study of Actinyl - Methoxide Complexes: the Structure and Bonding Properties
Da Gao, Michael E. McIlwain
Spectroscopy & Kinetics: An Inquiry-Based Determination of Reaction Order
Cassandra J. Warren, Edward Bain, Timothy L. Sorey
Optimization of Electroplating via Computer-Based Closed Loop Control
Geoffrey Baran, Grant Overby, Timothy L. Sorey
Development of a Magnetic-Shape-Memory-Based Micro-Accelerometer
Chris Pohl, Michael Hagler, Volodymir Chernenko, Makato Ohtsuka, Peter Müllner
Chlorinated pesticides and other water quality measurements at End Creek: an environmental stewardship project at Eastern Oregon University
Diana Lynn Taisacan, Yu-Hsiang Lee, Kyle Mitchell, Anna Cavinato
Iridium Oxide Nanowire Monitors for Protein Detection
Vinu L. Venkatraman, Ravikiran K Reddy, Fengyan Zhang, Victor Hsu, Bruce Ulrich, Shalini Prasad
Quantitative studies of guaiazulene, a bioactive component in Abies procera (Noble Fir) needle oil
Esther Mintzer, Anne Kizerian, Karen Grant, Joe Karchesy
Developing Greener Chemistry Research Projects and Curriculum
Tamara Shephard, Ashley Lamm, Joshua J. Pak
Development of Metallic Periodic Structures for Surface Plasmon Polariton Sensor
Cory Sparks, Lincoln Bollschweiler, Wan Kuang
Developments toward a microparticle based drug delivery system for advanced chronic wound dressings
W. Robert Ohlstrom, Daniel S. McComas, David J. Vachon, Stephen D. Warren
Correction of the Amplification Factor in SAW Sensor's Semi-Empirical Response Equation by Perturbation Theory
Zhixiong Cha
Polymer Nanocomposite Based Chemiresistive NOx Sensor
Divakara A.B.S. Meka, Linda A. George, Shalini Prasad
Heme-ligand dissociation kinetics as a probe of proximal and distal coordination in Alcaligenes xylosoxidans cytochrome c'
Yukiko Cho, Julia C. Deutsch, Alison L. McKay, Christine A. Petersen, Alesha A. Porter, Elsie Samakai, Amy E. Servid, Arianne E. Tiwari, Colin R. Andrew
Modeling interactions between minute virus of mice replicator protein peptides and viral DNA
Shamus Tucek, Jeffrey N. Woodford, Joe Corsini
Multidisciplinary mechanistic study of an archaeal antioxidant protein
Tyler J. Arbour, Luke M. Oltrogge, Mark A. Allen, Robert K. Szilagyi, Mark Young, Trevor Douglas
Determination of the major volatile and semi-volatile constituents of essential oils from the leaves and flowers of Salvia dorrii ssp. dorrii by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
Anne Kizerian, Esther Mintzer, Karen Grant, Joe Karchesy
Destruction and Detection of Bacterial Spores
Patrick J. Whitham, Marilu Perez, Linda DeVeaux, Rene Rodriguez, Robert V. Fox
The Biomimetic synthesis of Magnetite for application in MRI using a novel Ferritin from the hyperthermophilic Archaeaon Pyrococcus furiosus
Mackenzie J. Parker, Brad Ramsay, Mark Allen, Michael Klem, Masaki Uchida, Trevor Douglas, Mark Young, Yves Idzerda
SIMION Guided Ion Sampling
Jeffrey Mottishaw, René Rodriguez
Mechanistic analysis of an Archaeal antioxidant protein cage by mass spectrometry
Luke M. Oltrogge, Trevor Douglas
On the mechanism of Grignard formation and reaction in promoted hydrocarbon media
R. W . Holman, Jessie Byers, Jesse Zamora, Jennifer Teixeira, Marilu Perez
Synthesis of prodrug analogs of D609 with extended antioxident and anticancer activity
Jessica Ketrenos, G. Patrick Meier
Carbon dioxide reactivity of a mononuclear cadmium hydroxide complex
Sara Ann Huefner, Lisa M. Berreau
Observation of Weathered Illite Particles with Atomic Force Microscopy
Daniel Zommick, James Harsh, Forrest Stevens, Jeff Boyle, Thomas Dickinson
Detoxification activity of noni leaf water extract
Brett J. West, 'Afa K. Palu, Chen X. Su
The potential "fat burning" effects of the liquid dietary supplement Mango.xan(R)
'Afa K. Palu, Wayne Geilman, Brett J. West

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