Monday, June 18, 2007: 12:00 PM-9:30 PM
Golden Eagle Eyrie (Boise Centre on the Grove)
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Contributed Posters
Agriculture and Horticultural Sciences 
Residual Phosphorus Effects on Alfalfa Seed Pollination and Production
Bradford D. Brown, James D. Barbour
Low Phytic Acid Barley Responses to Phosphorus Rates
Chad A. Jackson, Juliet M. Windes, Phil Bregitzer, Donald Obert
Anthropology and Archaeology 
No Impact: Anthropological and archeological implications of isotopes in rocks from the Akkadian Empire
Monica Guerrero, Sabine Airieau
Biological Sciences 
Ornamentation in North American Barn Owls (Tyto alba pratincola): Does Spottiness Signal Quality?
Than J. Boves, James R. Belthoff
Costs and Benefits of Group Living in Owls
Justin L. Welty, James R. Belthoff
Multi-Scale Habitat Selection by Flammulated Owls in Idaho
Keith P. Barnes, James R. Belthoff
Design algorithms for detection of genomic copy number variations (CNV) using the SNPlex™ Genotyping System / COPYPlex™
Ryan Koehler
Molecular Mechanisms Controlling CD40L Gene Expression: Implications in Asthma
Ashley Masterson, Alma Hodzic, Denise Wingett
hGH-V Gene Expression and Promoter Activity under Glucose and 5-Azacytidine (5azaC) Effects
Marina MJ Romero-Prado, Hugo A. Barrera-Saldaña, Jose Luis Castrillo-Diez
The Role of MalQ in Carbohydrate Utilization and Gene Regulation in the Lyme Disease Spirochete
Elizabeth A. Morton, D. Scott Samuels
Group A Streptococcal Myonecrosis: Vimentin Mediates “Inside-out” Infection at Sites of Non-penetrating Muscle Trauma
Stephanie M. Hamilton, Clifford R. Bayer, Dennis L. Stevens, Amy E. Bryant
Evaluating Toxicity of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Potential Utilization in Treatment of Autoimmune Disease
Cory L. Hanley, Janet Layne, Madhu Reddy, Hua Wang, Kevin Feris, Alex Punnoose, Denise G. Wingett
Susceptibility of Cancer Cells to ZnO Nanoparticle Toxicity - Potential Utility for Treatment of Cancer
Janet Layne, Cory Hanley, Kevin Feris, Alex Punnoose, Madhu Reddy, Hua Wang, Denise G. Wingett
The Effects of Oncostatin M on Human Breast Cancer In Vivo
Amanda J. Bruesch, Dr. Cheryl L Jorcyk
Evidence of Changes in Medial Giant Axon Membrane Electrophysiology during Nerve Regeneration following Ventral Nerve Cord Crush in Lumbricus terrestris
Michael Havens, Katie Kuhr
Development of a Rhodopseudomonad H2 Producing Microbial System Driven by Agricultural Wastewater
Kevin Feris, Dana Moracco, Joni Barnes, Cathy Rae
Developmental Expression of Collagen Type XI in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Jason S. Adams, Raquel Brown, Jeremiah Maschmann, Katey Irwin, Luke Woodbury, Linda Mercer, Julia Thom Oxford
Characterization of the Collagen type XI Isoforms using Analytical Ultracentrifugation and Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimetry
Luke G. Woodbury, Dawn Muhlestein, Julia Thom Oxford
Identification of Collagen Gene Loci in Danio rerio
Jeremiah M. Maschmann, Julia Thom Oxford, Jason S. Adams
A Density Functional Study of Actinyl - Methoxide Complexes: the Structure and Bonding Properties
Da Gao, Michael E. McIlwain
The Effects of Trifluoperazine on Calsequestrin Structure and Protein Aggregation
Dawn Muhlestein, T.S. Broyles, James Cole, Julia Thom Oxford, Susan E. Shadle
Dichlorophene Inhibition of Human carbonyl reductase
Christopher K. Ewing, Henry A. Charlier Jr.
The Three C's of Renewable Biomass Briquettes
Blake E. Stanhouse, Dana Moracco, Owen McDougal
OSpec Web: An Online Educational Resource to Facilitate the Instruction of Organic Spectroscopy
Matthew Turner, Ryan Morton, Owen McDougal
Binary and Ternary Complexes Involving Small Molecules and Carbonyl Reductase
Matthew T. Mayer, Henry A. Charlier Jr.
Earth Sciences 
Microbial alteration in pristine rocks
Sabine Airieau, Yvette Piceno, Gary Andersen
Ecology and Environmental Sciences 
Estrogen Equivalent Concentration of Seventeen Major Para-nonylphenol Isomers Related to Commercial Mixtures in a Sediment Core Taken from Ariake Bay, Japan
Keiji Okuda, Takao Katase, Taketo Uchiyama, Hiroaki Saito, Mitsuko Makino, Yasuo Fujimoto, Yun-Seok Kim, Heesoo Eun
Assessing Microbial Response to Nutrient Loading in Natural Stream Systems in the Dry Creek Experimental Watershed, ID
Pamela S. Hess, Mariona Nadal, Kevin Feris
Resilience of a Terrestrial Arthropod Community to a Catastrophic Event
R. Andrew Rodstrom, John J. Brown
Health Sciences 
Loss of Antigen-Specific CD4+ T Lymphocytes During Anaplasma marginale Challenge in Cattle
Sushan Han
Pathogenesis beyond pX01 and pX02 – In silico Analysis of Bacillus Anthracis
GongXin Yu, Laura Bond
Organic Spices as Non-contact Antimicrobial Coatings
Jeremiah Hull, Ken Cornell, Greg Hampikian
New Drug Targets for Treating Lyme Disease
Maria Martinez, Cassie Bassett, Cassie Dayan, Diana Saidac, Nikhat Parveen, Ph.D., Ken Cornell, Ph.D.
Purine Auxotrophy, Giardia's Achilles' Heel?
Jeremy Bonander, Ken Cornell, Ph.D.
Cloning and Expression of Entamoeba histolytica MTA nucleosidase
Robert Ormond, Tyrell Simpkins, Ken Cornell
Methylthioribose kinase, a Sweet Target for Antibiotic Design
Chelsea Isom, Cassie Dayan, Ken Cornell, Ph.D.
Construction of LcrV-Enterotoxin Fusions for use as Potential Mucosal Yersinia Vaccines
Chadwick T. Davis, Juliette K. Tinker
Utilizing RNA Interference to Knockdown the Expression of Oncostatin M Receptor Beta
Patrick S. Aranda, Cheryl L. Jorcyk
Identification of Proteins that Interact with the Surface of Collagen Fibrils
Raquel Brown, Julia Thom Oxford
The Effect of Socioeconomic Factors on the Use of Dental Care in Pacoima , California , 2001 and 2004
Kim Le Huynh, Habiba Ismail, Erika Gomez
Dental Practice Characteristics and the Mix of Services
Courtney A. Naten, Damon D. Webber, Adel P. Newell
Studies on Relationship between Longevity and Geological Environment in Bama County of China
Zhiyong Zhang, He Sheng Jiang, Min He, Jian Qin, Huaxiang Lu, Zhihua Jiang, Yuan Zou, Yurong Qin, Jinchao Chen, Zhibiao Huang
Industrial Sciences and Technology 
Pitting Studies in Seawater Contaminated Jet Turbine Oil
Brandon Christoffersen, Brian M. Marx, Darryl P Butt
Enhancing Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel 304 Using Laser Surface Treatment
I. M. Ghayad, M. A. Shoeib, T. M. Mattar, H. M. Hussein, R. A. AbuShaiba
Computational Methods in Discovering the Nature of Gas Hydrates
Klaus Johannsen, Alla Sapronova
Ferroelectric Films: Molecular Model of Switching
Alla Sapronova, Vladimir Bystrov, Ekatherine Paramonova
Medical Application of Microwaves
Galina Ovchinnikova, Alla Sapronova
Polymer Nanocomposite Based Chemiresistive NOx Sensor
Divakara A.B.S. Meka, Linda A. George, Shalini Prasad
Correction of the Amplification Factor in SAW Sensor's Semi-Empirical Response Equation by Perturbation Theory
Zhixiong Cha
Iridium Oxide Nanowire Monitors for Protein Detection
Vinu L. Venkatraman, Ravikiran K Reddy, Fengyan Zhang, Victor Hsu, Bruce Ulrich, Shalini Prasad
Development of a Magnetic-Shape-Memory-Based Micro-Accelerometer
Chris Pohl, Michael Hagler, Volodymir Chernenko, Makato Ohtsuka, Peter Müllner
Development of Metallic Periodic Structures for Surface Plasmon Polariton Sensor
Cory Sparks, Lincoln Bollschweiler, Wan Kuang
Western Society of Soil Science 
Soil Development on a Sequence of Moraines, Eastern Sierra Nevada, CA
Ann M. Rossi, Robert C. Graham
Soil-Geomorphic Classification of an Arid Mountain Range, Mojave Desert, USA
Daniel R. Hirmas, Robert C. Graham
Comparison of Flood Hazard Assessments on Alluvial Fans Using FEMA, NRCS, and Surficial Geologic maps: A Case Study in Ivanpah Valley, Nevada
Colin R. Robins, Brenda J. Buck, Douglas J. Merkler, Michael S. Howell, Janice L. Morton, Amanda J. Williams, Maureen L. Yonovitz, P. Kyle House
Predictive Soil Maps Generated from Decision Tree Analysis and GIS Technology
Jeffrey S. Pace, Jay S. Noller
Predictive Mapping in the Fremont National Forest, Oregon
Melanie R. Malone, Jay S. Noller
Using Decision Tree Analysis to Generate Rule Sets for Predictive Soils Mapping
Sarah J. Hash, Jay S. Noller
Impact of Soil Mineral Assemblage and Acidity on Organic Carbon Cycling in a Range of Ponderosa Pine Forests
Katherine A. Heckman, Amy Welty-Bernard, Craig Rasmussen, Egbert Schwartz, Jon Chorover
Evaluation of Ponderosa Pine Management Practices Based on Economic Profitability and Opportunity of Receiving Carbon Credits
Amitava Chatterjee, George F. Vance, Siân Mooney, Daniel B. Tinker, James Arnold, Peter D. Stahl, Bill Haggenson
Soil Quality Characteristics in High Elevation Riparian Wet Meadows in the Sierra Nevada: Relationships to Hydrologic Functionality
Laura J. Jungst, Hayley R. Olsen, Jay B. Norton, Urszula Norton, William R. Horwath, Kenneth W. Tate
Soil Morphology and Organic Matter Beneath Cheatgrass-, Sagebrush-, and Bunchgrass-Dominated Shrub-Steppe Vegetation
Jay B. Norton, Thomas A. Monaco, Tom A. Jones, Robert R. Blank
Influence of Plant Nutrition and Chemical Treatments on Phymatotrichoposis Omnivora in Cotton
John E. Matocha, James C. Wilborn

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