Monday, June 18, 2007: 1:15 PM-5:05 PM
The Summit (Boise Centre on the Grove)
B Symposia (sp)
The Chemistry of Advanced Nuclear Systems: Separations and Environmental
Please refer to the description for "The Advanced Chemistry of Advanced Nuclear Systems: Separations" on Monday morning.
Sponsor: NORM 07 and the Pacific Division Chemistry Section
Organizers:Aurora E. Clark
Wibe (Bert) De Jong
Presider:Kenneth L. Nash
1:15 PMSymmetric and asymmetric dithiophosphinic acids for minor actinide extraction
John R. Klaehn, Dean R. Peterman, Mason K. Harrup, Richard D. Tillotson, Thomas A. Luther, Mitchell R. Greenhalgh, Jack D. Law, Lee M. Daniels
1:45 PMTrapped-Ion / Vibrational Spectroscopy of Gas-Phase Dioxouranium Complexes
Garold L. Gresham, Gary S. Groenewold, Michael J. Van Stipdonk, Jos Oomens, Michael E. McIlwain, Wibe A. De Jong
2:15 PMNovel dithiophosphinic acids as actinide extractants, a density functional theory investigation
Michael T. Benson, Adriana Dinescu, Megan L. Moser, Dean R. Peterman
2:45 PMBreak
3:05 PMActinide interaction processes with bacterial surfaces: The quest for molecular-level understanding
Heino Nitsche
3:35 PMSurface Chemistry of Uranyl Silicate
Nathalie A. Wall, S.B. Clark, Laurence C. Hull
4:05 PMUranium, Neptunium, and Plutonium Complexes in Aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide-Carbonate Solutions: Stability and Speciation
G. S. Goff, F.L. Taw, S.M. Peper, L.F. Brodnax, Wolfgang H. Runde
4:35 PMWashington State University activation analysis facilities
James T. Elliston, Margaret A. Malloy, Donald E. Wall

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