Wednesday, August 29, 2007: 6:00 PM-9:00 PM
Majestic Ballroom (Adams Mark)
Poster Session-1 Wednesday Evening
All posters will be made available for viewing from Wednesday to Friday afternoon. Authors of even-numbered posters will be available for discussion on Wednesday evening, while authors of odd-numbered posters will be available on Thursday evenings session.
Organizer:John Hoberg
Cancer targeting platinacyclobutane prodrugs of the anti-cancer drug cisplatin
J. O. Hoberg, W. L. Chandler
Surface Properties of Spider Silk Protein Films
Hao Zhang, Christina L. Skinner, Patrick A. Johnson
Cellular Responses to Spider Silk Protein Films
Christina L. Skinner, Thomas G. Servantez, Patrick A. Johnson
Hybrid organic-inorganic proton exchange polymer membranes incorporating heteropoly acids
Dana H. Lipfert, Maxwell Carey, James L. Horan, Steven F. Dec, Andrew M. Herring
Using La1-xSrxVO3 perovskites as anode materials for SOFC applications
Kuan-Zong Fung, Jun-Yi Jhuang, Chih-Cheng Chen
Water and energy conservation in food processing
Ashok S. Dhruv
Optimization and Characterization of Protein Nanoparticle Size
Sean M. Ukele, Hee Joon Park, Patrick A. Johnson
Determination of Intramolecular Energy Transfer Rates in Rhenium(I) Bimetallic Complexes by Stern-Volmer Quenching
David L. Grisenti, B. Patrick Sullivan
Synthesis, in vitro, and in vivo activity of thiamine antagonist transketolase inhibitors
Allen A. Thomas, Yvan Le Huerou, Jason De Meese, Indrani Gunawardana, Tomas Kaplan, Todd T. Romoff, Stephen S. Gonzales, Kevin Condroski, Steven A. Boyd, Josh Ballard, Bryan Bernat, Walter DeWolf, Patrice Lee, Christine Lemieux, Jed Pheneger, Greg Poch, Darin Smith, Francis Sullivan, Barb Brandhuber, Guy Vigers, May Han, Robin Pederson, Solly Weiler, S. Kirk Wright
Assessing a Field-Portable, One-Pot Chemical Treatment for the Release, Derivatization, and Detection of Dipicolinic Acid and Other Biomarkers from Select Bacterial Endospores
Hydrogen Formation from a Rhenium Hydride Complex Using Visible Light
Alissa Schunter, Jianqiang Huo, John Hoberg, B. Patrick Sullivan
Phase Equilibria and Mass Transfer of Ionic Liquids and Compressed Gases
Wei Ren, Azita Ahosseini, Aaron M. Scurto
Synthesis and reactivity of halomethyl platinum complexes
Jennifer L. Look, Eric W Kalberer, Dean M Roddick
Characterization of as-Deposited and Chemical Treated CdTe Photovoltaic Cell by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Sandeep Kohli, Ventakesan Manivannan, Patrick R. McCurdy, Robert A. Enzenroth, Kurt L. Barth, Walajabad S. Sampath, James N. Hilfiker
D-Chiro Inositol as Chiral Ligand in AAA Reaction
Jamie A. Singleton, John Hoberg
The Use of Hollow Carbon Nano-Spheres for Electrochemical Applications
Eric Morrison, Adam Rickett, Samuel Cooper, Keith W. Gneshin, J. Thomas McKinnon, Andrew M. Herring
Chlorine-free disinfection of water contaminated with E. Coli B by treatment with an alternating current
Nikolay N. Barashkov, David Eisenberg, Sylvan Eisenberg, Laila Lam
Synthesis and reactivity studies of platinum alkyl cations
Dean M. Roddick, Sayanti Basu
Spectral manifestations and quantum-chemical calculations of molecular and nanosized aggregated forms of 5-(4-dimethylaminobenzylydene)barbituric acid
Nikolay N. Barashkov, Irina S. Irgibaeva, Dinara Birimzhanova, Anuar Aldongarov, Yurii Sakhno, Tamara Sakhno
Project SEED in colorado
Elaine Martinez, Cheri Jacobs, Zuri House, Eric Ball, Roosevelt Price, Anna Noble, Susan Schelble
Polymer-based triboluminescent materials for ultrasonography
Nikolay N. Barashkov, Irina S. Irgibaeva, Dinara Birimzhanova, Anuar Aldongarov, Tamara S. Novikova
Thermal Unfolding of a Helix-Turn-Helix Protein by 13C and 2H Isotopically Edited Infrared Spectroscopy
Krista E. Amunson, Jan Kubelka
Hydrogen abstraction of testosterone by cytochrome P450 3A4: A computational investigation
Yan Zhang, Hai Lin
Preparation of amino acid thiophosphorinates: An undergraduate research prototype for upper division chemistry labs
Henry C. Martensen III, James Shanks, Zoran Lesic, Susan M. Schelble
Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles capable of generating singlet oxygen under infrared excitation
Yanyan Guo, Manoj Kumar, Peng Zhang
Structure of Halogen-Substituted Ferrocenes
Joseph Michael Mulroy, Alexander S. Romanov, Tatiana V. Timofeeva, Mikhail Yu. Antipin, Merritt Helvenston
Fabrication and characterization of enzyme nanoparticles
Hee Joon Park, Sean M. Ukele, Patrick A. Johnson
Crystal Structure of Complexes 1,2-Bis(Chloromercurio) Tetrafluorobenzene with Nitrocompounds
Jose H. Gallegos
Docking testosterone in the active site of cytochrome P450 3A4: Simulations suggest protein conformational changes are critical to substrate binding
Hai Lin, Jeffery Kim
Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of a Series of New Electron Transfer Sensitizers: 4-(2,6-Diphenylpyrylium-4-Yl)-1-Methylpyridinium Bistetrafluoroborate and Its Derivatives
Chen Liao, Edward L. Clennan
Spectroscopic Studies of Potential Two-Photon Molecules for Use in Photodynamic Therapy
Kurt W. Short, Ilya V. Kosilkin, Youmei Lu, David M. Sammeth, Tatiana V. Timofeeva
Oxidation behavior of binuclear cobalt complexes with bis(catecholate) ligands
Yusaku Suenaga, Yasuhiro Hirano, Yukiko Umehata
2d NOESY NMR studies of fluorescein in AOT reverse micelles
Jessica Saeger, Debbie C. Crans*, Bharat Baruah, Chris D. Rithner, Nancy E. Levinger*
Non-Metal Borates Containing Isolated Anions Having 7-10 Boron Atoms
David M. Schubert, Mandana Z. Visi, Carolyn B. Knobler
In situ surface and gas phase diagnostics during the atomic layer deposition of titanium dioxide
Vikrant R. Rai, Bhavin N. Jariwala, Sumit Agarwal
Synthsis of Crystalline Copper and Zinc Mono- and Bi-Metallic Imidazolate Framework Compounds
David M. Schubert, Mandana Z. Visi, Carolyn B. Knobler
Correlation of Bark Beetle Attack to Levels of Estragole in Ponderosa Pine
Jay J. Emerick, Aaron I. Snyder, Marc A. Snyder, Nathan W. Bower
Coordination chemistry approach towards the synthesis of porphyrin nanostructures
Zhongchun Wang, Leslie E. Lybarger, Craig J. Medforth, James E. Miller, John A. Shelnutt
Chemometric Study of Ion Changes in Ponderosa Pine Trees Infected with Dwarf Mistletoe
James B. Whitaker, Ben R. Williams, Jay J. Emerick, Arron B. Wolk, Nathan W. Bower
Fundamental study on biomass using a multi-sample micro-pellet reactor with laser pyrolysis-molecular beam mass spectrometry
Alexander S. Lauve, Maxwell Carey, Andrew M. Herring, Eun-Jae Shin, J. Thomas McKinnon
Models of Manganese Containing Oxidases
Dylan T. Houghton, Mark P. Mehn
Room temperature solid state metathesis synthesis of hopeite phase
Purnendu Parhi, V Manivanan
Toward Synthesis of Peloruside a and B
Qin Zang, J. O. Hoberg
Hydrothermal synthesis of SrRuO3 nanocubes
Jennifer M. Noblitt, Yolonda J. Smith, Amy L. Prieto
High Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules Isolated in Solid Parahydrogen
Leif Oscar Paulson, David T. Anderson
Evaluating the Reactivity of Oxygen and Various Organometallic Precursors for Use in Pulsed PECVD
Nicholas G. Kubala, Colin A. Wolden
Preparations of PCP and NCN 19F Reporter Pincer Complexes. Green Enough?
Man Lung (Desmond) Kwan, Paul M. Schroder, Katherine L. Conry, Bradley M. Williams, Norris W. Hoffman, Rachel Traylor, Benjamin Wicker, Alan G. Marshall, Gregory A. Khitrov
Shape and Size Dependence: The Complete Picture of Band-Edge Exciton Fine Structure in CdSe Nanocrystals
Qingzhong Zhao, Peter A. Graf, Wesley B. Jones, Alberto Franceschetti, Jingbo Li, Kwiseon Kim, Lin-Wang Wang
Azide Cycloaddition Reactions
Desiree E. Mendes, Allen M. Schoffstall
Engineering Biphasic Ionic Liquid/CO2 Systems for Catalysis
Azita Ahosseini, Wei Ren, Aaron M. Scurto
Synthesis and platinum coordination chemistry of a new perfluoroalkyl acceptor pincer ligand, 1,3-C6H4{CH2P(CF3)2}2
Jeramie Adams, Ade Lau, Dean Roddick
Tritium Recovery Process from Nuclear Operations
James E. Dodgen, Charles P. Dodgen

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