Saturday, October 27, 2007: 10:00 AM-11:45 AM
Ballroom Posters (Greenville Hyatt Regency Hotel)
Undergraduate Program (10)
Meeting in Minature Posters II
Undergraduate posters in the areas of analytical, physical, polymer, computational chemistry.
Organizer:John G. Kaup
Synthesis and characterization of tellurium complexes with bulky thioureas
Martin D. Rudd, Gregory Kokke, Sergey V. Lindeman
A Study of the Bergman Cyclization of Aromatic Enediynes
Heather Hollis, Carol Parish
Docking HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors into the HIV-2 Protease
Jeanice E. Brown, Carol Parish
The Interaction of Calmodulin with Estrogen Receptor α
Savannah J. Johnson, John A. Galdo, Marie E. Cross, Madeline C. Elliott, Ramona J. Bieber Urbauer, Jeffrey L. Urbauer
Advances in the Synthesis of 4-Hydroxymellein
Brenton D. Smith, Heather L. Voegtle
Removal of a Biological Molecule: Adsorption of Cholesterol on Carbon Powder
Christina E. Wells, Thomas R. Rybolt
Synthesis, Coordination Chemistry and Catalytic Studies of New Heterocycle-Functionalized Imidazole-2-Ylidenes
Clay Owens, Parimal Patel, Aakash Patel, Daniela Tapu*
Investigating Potential DNA Photodamage and Adduct Formation by Diimine Complexes of Cr(III) Using Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
Melissa M. Allen, Chris J. Priedemann, Sarah K. Goforth, Sandra K. Wheeler, Noel A.P. Kane-Maguire, John F. Wheeler
In Search of Stable, Coordinatively Saturated Derivatives of Grubbs Catalysts
Alejandra Elizabeth Aviles, Sarah L. Bolton, Michael B. Sponsler
DNA Binding Characterization of Diimine Complexes of Cr(III): Affinity, Site and Binding Thermodynamics Via Equilibrium Dialysis, Spectrophotometric Titration and Isothermal Titration Calorimetry
Marian E. Helsel, David C. Hurt, David C. Sibley, Sandra K. Wheeler, Noel A. P. Kane-Maguire, John F. Wheeler
Heterocyclic Chemistry in the Teaching Laboratory: Synthesis of 2-Amino-3-Cyanofuran and -Pyrrole Using Either Sonication or Microwave Irradiation
Aditya Parikh, Paul S. Howell, Chad E. Stephens
A Modified Synthesis of Tellurophene and Various Stille Couplings of the Mono- and Distannane Derivatives
Daniel P. Sweat, Chad E. Stephens
Aromatization of Various 1,3,5-Triarylpyrazolines to Pyrazoles Using DMSO as Oxidant
George M. Hinnant, Jason W. Eades, Chad E. Stephens
Expansion of the Tomato Juice Rainbow
Richard Johnson, Christine Hermann
Six Membered Ring Synthesis of Alkoxy-Substituted 1,7-Dienes Via a Zirconium Catalyst
Christopher Nigel Welch, Kyle Knight
Investigation of Conformational Change and Ligand Binding in the Aptamer Domain of the TPP Riboswitch by FRET
Justin D. Moody, Meredith Newby
Fluoroaryloxylation of Substituted Phenols with Aryl Trifluorovinyl Ethers: Synthesis and Stereoselectivity of Diaryloxy Difluoroethylenes
Justin D. Moody, Scott T. Iacono, Donald G. VanDerveer, Dennis W. Smith Jr.
A Facile One-Pot Synthesis of Nitriles and Amides from Aldehydes
Samuel T. Chill, Robert C. Mebane
Effect of Ligand Binding on Tertiary Structure Stability in the TPP Riboswitch Aptamer Domain
Aaron R. Allen, Meredith Newby
Biophysical Investigation of Pseudouridine-Induced Effects within the Peptidyl Transferase Center of the Human Ribosome
Robert N. Clarke, Meredith Newby
Transferrin Lends a Helping Hand in Iron Disease
Ashley Lawhon, Julia Brumaghim
The Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reaction as a Mechanism for E/Z-Isomerization of 3-Substituted Enals by Phosphines: A Computational Investigation
Kathryn N. Rosa, Ashley M. Russell, D. Allen Clabo, Jr.
Synthesis and Characterization of New Luminescent CrIII Compounds
Matthew D. Newsom, W. Walsh Thomas III, Christopher R. Turlington, Paul S. Wagenknecht
Synthesis of a Sphingosine Analog
Bette' S. Ford, Kristina Truitt, Rachel M. Andrews, Victoria J. Geisler
Synthesis and Characterization of Cycloheptatriene-C60 Derivatives
Michael T. Morgan, Melvin H. Hall
The Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reaction as a Mechanism for E/Z-Isomerization of 3-Substituted Enals by Arsines: A Computational Investigation
Ashley M. Russell, Kathryn N. Rosa, D. Allen Clabo, Jr.
Investigating the Addition and Isomerization Reactions of Maleic Acid
Nagarajan Vasumathi, Ashley Casey, Nixon Mwebi, Alfred C. Nichols, Kathryn Greer
Design and Synthesis of Analogues of α-2,3,4-Trimethoxyphenyl-β-Acetamido Naphthalene
Yasamin Moazzami, Jessica L. Brown, Craig Ogle
Synthesis, Characterization, and Coordination of Chiral 1,1'-Bi-2-Naphthenephosphorchloridite Ester with Molybdenum
Samantha Hastings, Samuel Owens, Gary Gray
Effects of Biomolecules on the Metabolism of Pyrimidines
Adam J. Martin, Meetal Vashi, Eric Tiner, Manuel F. Santiago
Enzymes in Non-Aqueous Media as Potential New Catalysts for Petroleum Refinement
Laura Cleveland, Karla Wright, Jan Kubelka
Microwave Assisted Biodiesel Synthesis
Isaac T. Wilson, Nicole S. Bennett
Electrostatic Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Virus
Brandon L. Harp, Yuan Lin, Zhaohui Su, Zhongwei Niu, Qian Wang*
Decoration of Cowpea Mosaic Virus by Noncovalent Interaction
R. Dustin Rawlinson, Tao Li, Zhongwei Niu, Qian Wang
Further Development of a Novel Approach to Controlling the Diastereoselectivity of the Meyers Ortho-Alkylation of Chiral Aromatic Oxazolines
Greg N. Goschy, Justin K. Wyatt
Synthesis of Metal Chelating Chalcone Derivatives
Marissa Aubrey, Herman L. Holt Jr.
Aziridination of Vinyl Cycloalkanes and Vinyl Heterocycles
Larry Spear, Herman L. Holt Jr.
Towards the Synthesis of Cyclopropane Analogs of Hibiscone C
Brian C. Goess, Justin Goodwin, Ashley Windrum
The Effect of Inositol Hexaphosphate on the Proliferation of the MDA-MB-468 Breast Cancer Cell Line
Takova Wallace, Ifayet Mayo-Johnson, Nichole L. Powell, Roberta M. Troy
Synthesis of Heterocycles by Use of a Divinamidinium Salt
Shane R. Nunes, Walter A. Stull, Stanton Q. Smith
TMSOTf as An Accelerant for ZnBr2-Catalyzed Addition of Alkynes to Aldehydes
Brian D. Mahoney, C. Wade Downey
NAMI-A Reverts Oncogenic Phenotypes in K-Ras-Transformed Intestinal Epithelial Cells
Katie L. Alexander, John L. Croft, Gretchen A. Repasky, Laura K. Stultz
Noncovalent Interactions of Bisdiphenylphosphino Alkane Disulfides and Diselenides with Tetraiodoethylene
Rebecca M. Glanville, Jo E. Smoak, Christopher R. Louviere, Dorota A. Abramovitch, Hadi D. Arman, William T. Pennington
Ferric-Complexes of Bryostatin: Site Verses Territorial Binding
Justin Smith, Giso Abadi, Lyn Noble, Paul Groundwater, Thomas Manning
Electron Microscope Studies of Marine Bacteria Correlated with Bryostatin Production
Giso Abadi, Thomas Potter, Thomas J. Manning, Paul Groundwater, Lyn Noble, James Nienow, Dennis Phillips, Russ Goddard, Jerry Purcell, Alan G. Marshall, Carol Nilson
Synthesis of Resorbable Octacalcium Phosphate Nanocrystals
Lloyd Carroll, Stephanie L. Harper
Heterogeneous Reaction Chemistry Involving Alkylsilanes
Emma Goldman, Jared Michael Fisher
An Investigation into the Odor Associated with Galax Urceolata
Benjamin A. Vaughan, Elizabeth G. Johnson, Libby G. Puckett, Howard S. Neufeld
Protein Expression and Enzymatic Activity Assays of Mutant TREX 1 Genes from Aicardi-Goutieres Patients
Clinton D. Orebaugh, Fred W. Perrino
Inhibition of Human Cytochrome P4502B6 by Essential Oils
Maria Bahawdory, Gregory M Raner
Model of Thyroid Hormone Binding to a Thyroid Hormone Receptor
Theodora Lee Brandon, Robert W. Zurales
Degradation of Carbohydrates from Kenaf and Kudzu Using Microwave Energy and Fermentation Thereof to Produce Ethanol for Use as a Fuel
Melissa L. Perkins, Vanessa R. Abbott, Dorota A. Abramovitch
Sonophotodegradation of Blue Mordant 9: A Comparative Study
Anne C.C. Gaquere-Parker, Ayan Ahmed, Dennis Kinuthia, Bintu Marong
The Synthesis of Aminooxy Dodecane Thiol-Protected Gold Nanoparticles
Soyeon (Amy) Kim
Synthesis of N10- Formyl-5,8-Dideazafolic Acid
Kristie D. Cox, Justin K. Wyatt
Progress towards the Synthesis of Pyrimidodiazepine-Based Folates as Potential Inhibitors of Glycinamide Ribonucleotide Formyltransferase
Jay Lanham, Morin M. Frick, Partha S. Ray
Synthesis and Analysis of Keto-Polyesters
Jenay A. Powell
Extracellular Matrix Protein Lumican Plays a Critical Role in the Recruitment of Neutrophils to the Inflammation Site
Kyle Bowrin, Shukti Chakravarti, Mukesh Ghandari, Sumiko Williams
A Study toward the Synthesis of 3',5'-Cylcic Diguanylic Acid and Its Biological Relevance in Vibrio Cholerae
Jesse M. Marino, Margaret Adams, Ece Karatan, Claudia P. Cartaya-Marin
Towards a New Synthetic Method for the Synthesis of Carboxamidines from Carboxamides
B. Chadwick LeCroix, David J. A. Schedler
Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and UV-Visible Spectrum of [BiI2C5H11N32[BiI4C5H11N3]
Katie Lewis, LeRoy Peterson, Jr., Jennifer Kelley, Hans-Conrad Zur Loye, Mark D. Smith
Synthesis and Characterization of [Cu α-fluorocinnamate2 H2O]24H2O
Sagar Madhiwala, Leroy Peterson, Jennifer Kelley, Osman Sabari II, Hans-Conrad Zur Loye, Mark D. Smith
Synthesis and Characterization of New Amino-Bis-Phosphonates
Jonetha Fleming, Aaron Oxendine, Jennifer Kelley, LeRoy Peterson, Jr., Hans-Conrad Zur Loye
Synthesis of Methyl, N-Butyl and Iso-Butyl Diester Molecular Rectifiers
Aaron Blue, Jamila Broadway, Tiffany Fogg, Darren L. Pearson
Partial Synthesis of Procaine and the Synthesis of Ester Derivatives of Para-Aminobenzoic Acid
Brandon A. Kizer, Darren L. Pearson
Better Red Than Dead: The Role of Anthocyanins in Plant Stems
Elizabeth G. Johnson, Benjamin A. Vaughan
Monitoring Oligomerization in Amyloid- Peptide, One Peptide at a Time
Kyle D. Dukes, Cassie Rodenberg, Robin K. Lammi
Essential Oils and Their Aldehyde Constituents Inhibit Cytochrome P4502E1
Jonathon B. Iradi, Maria Bahawdory, Kathyrin Ryan, Gregory M. Raner, Alexander Hanna
Characterization of the PPAR Beta/delta cDNA in Ictalurus Punctatus
Carrie A. Coxwell, James H. Haggard, LaTonya A. Clay, Denise J. Gregory
Role of Zinc in the Enzyme Human Glutaminyl Cyclase
Jancy Allison Parkerson, Robert W. Zurales
Heterotrimeric G-Protein Signal Transduction Pathway: Cell Signaling through Leukemia Associated RhoGEF
Mahlet Abera, John J.G Tesmer, Mohamed Aittaleb
Effect of Protein Environment on pKa of Bovine Carboxypeptidase
Mitchell C. Patterson, Robert W. Zurales
Modeling Binding of Enzyme Inhibitors
J. Daniel Hinson, Robert W. Zurales
Molecular Model of Aeromonas Proteolytica Aminopeptidase
Sandipkumar K. Patel, Robert W. Zurales
Pharmaceutical Aquaculture: Growing Drugs in the Gulf of Mexico
Om Patel, Kristen McLeod, Karly Bishop, Giso Abadi, Thomas J. Manning
The Florida Yew Tree and Taxol
Greg Kean, Justin Smith, Magan Ogden, Giso Abadi, John Barbas, Thomas J. Manning
Preparation of IgG Fab' Fragments for Immobilization on Gold Plated Microcantilevers
Stephanie Rockett, Lisa A. Holland

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