372 Authentic/Alternative Asssessment in Chemistry/Science Education V: The Effect of the Auto Quiz On the Achievement of Science College Students

Friday, November 6, 2009: 11:20 AM
Longhorn (Camino Real Hotel)
Moises Camacho , Department of Math/science teacher preparation, Universidad de Puerto Rico/ Mayaguez Campus, Mayaguez, PR
The autoquiz is an assessment technique in which the students read, understand, analyze, synthesize and evaluate the assigned topics (e.g. chapter).  Then they prepared 15 questions of the most relevant content of the chapter.  After they have learned the answers (and reasons for the best or most correct of them) they presented the autoquiz orally to the class.  The professor evaluated both the quality of the questions, answers, reasons and examples provided by each student according to the written instructions.
The sample had consisted of about 50 students per semester during several semesters.  The students, who prepared, presented and approved one autoquiz per chapter also approved the regular quiz and three exams of the professor with 80% to 100%.
In addition, the autoquiz students also approved the course with 90 to 100%.  This constructivist technique was invented and applied by the author and has been very effective in demonstrating the extent of understanding of a topic.  There was a significant statistical difference between the mean scores of regular and autoquiz students.