360 SYNTHESIS of AN Unconventional CATIONIC Surfactant with Rigid Spacer

Friday, November 6, 2009
Mezzanine (Camino Real Hotel)
K. L. Tovar , Basic Science, UACJ, Juarez, Mexico
R. A. Saucedo , Basic Science, UACJ, Juarez, Mexico
E. A. Zaragoza , Group of Polymer, CIMAV, Chihuahua, Mexico
Surfactants are among the most versatile products of the chemical industry and used in a variety of products such as motor oils, pharmaceuticals, detergents, flotation agents, and can be used as antibacterial, liquid crystals, releasing agents genes and corrosion of metals, among others. In recent years, surfactants unconventional has generated interest in the chemistry of colloids because of its industrial applications, as they have a critical micellar concentration (CMC) low and better ability to reduce the surface tension and it can form micelles spherical and cylindrical compact solution.

 This work describes the synthesis of an unconventional cationic surfactant with a biphenyl rigid moiety as a part of the spacer. It is expected that with this characteristic the surfactant present both aggregates with low curvature and low CMC respect to the conventional surfactants. The use of a spacer with a rigid rod-like moiety has not been reported before with this type of structure.