342 Application of Statistical Regression Analysis to Problems in Chemistry

Thursday, November 5, 2009: 2:40 PM
Santa Fe (Camino Real Hotel)
Hector Adolf Quevedo Urias, Ph. D. Environmental Engineering , Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juarez, Juarez, Mexico, Mexico
This study applies statistics to the field of chemistry. It gives some examples in the areas of solubility and equilibrium reactions.  The methodology checks for the normality of the data through descriptive statistics and probability graphs. It also applies simple linear regression analysis, which plays a very important role in the calculation of the best regression model that can represent the data. With the regression equation calculated, it can be used for prediction purposes.  Once the regression equation is structured, the constant of the chemical reaction can be calculated. The type of reaction, first or second order, can also be calculated. Half lives of the reaction are calculated. The study can also be used in hypothesis testing for problems in chemistry. The results show that statistics is a useful tool to solve and structure models for prediction purposes. It is concluded that the application of statistics to chemistry helps in the normalization of data, before one attempts to process the data.