24 Identification of Neem Principals Involved in Mitigating ROS Damage: Implications for Cancer Prevention

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Ballroom A+B (Camino Real Hotel)
Karla A. Esparza , Department of Biological Sciences, Univesity of Texas, El Paso, TX
Rajkumar Lakshmanaswamy , Department of Pathology, Texas Tech University - Paul Foster School of Medicine, El Paso, TX
Mahesh Narayan , Department of Chemistry, Univesity of Texas, El Paso, TX
Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Neem leaf extracts have been used as a traditional remedy in India for a variety of illnesses. Recent and preliminary data from our labs has demonstrated that Neem leaf extract induces necrosis and apoptosis in mouse models of breast cancer. Furthermore, an additional observed benefit is that the Neem leaf extract reduces side-effects associated with traditional chemotherapy/radiation. We hypothesize that certain principals in the Neem leaf extract scavenge free radicals, thereby mitigating cancer pathogenesis. In our study, model free radical reactions are used to mimic cellular reactive oxygen species and assess the scavenging potential of select Neem constituents. HPLC and Mass Spectrometry are then used to determine the identity of these principals. Future work include translation of identified active Neem principals in cell lines and/or mouse models that will help us pinpoint bioactive ingredients found in Neem leaf extract that are responsible for the mitigation of cancer pathogenesis.
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