265 Charge Transfer Quenching of Diphenylmethyl Radical Doublet-Doublet Fluorescence

Thursday, November 5, 2009: 10:20 AM
Rio Grande (Camino Real Hotel)
Paritosh K. Das, Dr. , Physical Sciences, Cameron University, Lawton, OK
Employing nanosecond kinetic spectroscopy with two laser pulses (308 and 337 nm) in tandem, we have studied the charge-transfer quenching of the doublet-doublet fluorescence of diphenylmethyl radical in acetonitrile. The radical was first photogenerated from tetraphenyl acetone and then photoexcted within microseconds of its formation in the presence of quenchers at millimolar concentrations. Kinetic data, shedding light on the redox behavior of diphenylmethyl radical, will be presented for quenching by a series of cyanoaromatics and phenolate ions.