251 Determination of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Surface and Wastewaters Using Online SPE-LC-MS/MS

Thursday, November 5, 2009: 12:00 PM
Kohlberg (Camino Real Hotel)
Richard Jack , Dionex, Sunnyvale, IL
Jawad Pashmi , Dionex, Sunnyvale, IL
Using online SPE we have developed, and optimized an analytical method for the simultaneous detection and identification of over 100 pharmaceuticals and pesticides representing various compound classes, in both surface and wastewaters. The method is based on the simultaneous extraction of all target compounds by Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), followed by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.  Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) mode, monitoring two SRM transitions, to ensure an accurate identification of target compounds in the samples. Quantitation is performed by the use of isotope dilution (internal standards) to correct matrix effects.  The main advantages of the developed method, besides high sensitivity (limits of detection ranging from 1 – 20 ppt and recoveries between 80 and 110% for over 100 pharmaceuticals and pesticides for wastewaters, surface and drinking water), selectivity, and reliability of results, are that all compounds are extracted in a single step using less than 5 mls of sample.  This method shows better recoveries and reproducibility than EPA 1694 most likely due to the fewer processing steps in online SPE compared to offline extraction methods.