115 Versatile NEW Isotopically-Labled Precursors for Pharmaceutical Applications

Wednesday, November 4, 2009: 9:20 AM
Rio Grande (Camino Real Hotel)
Rodolfo Martinez , Department of Natural Sciences, New Mexico Highlands Univesity, Las Vegas, NM
VERSATILE NEW ISOTOPICALLY-LABLED PRECURSORS FOR PHARMACEUTICAL APPLICATIONS   Rodolfo Martinez Email: RUDY@NMHU.EDU   Isotope-labeled compounds have been used to solve research problems in a variety of areas. These areas include NMR-based quantum computing, polymer sciences, forensics, metabolism, protein structure determinations and medical diagnostics. Some of the synthetic methodologies applied to isotope labeling are antiquated and inadequate to address the needs for affordability as well as complexity. Researchers at LANL and NMHU have developed isotope-labeled compounds that are easily synthesized in high yield and purity by employing a technology platform based on the chemistry of [13C]methyl phenyl sulfide. Some examples of the collaborative work are illustrated in the figure shown. Chemists and students at all levels have performed this chemistry. The goal of this research program is the synthesis of organic compounds with any desired labeling pattern in targets ranging from relatively simple monomers used in commercial polymers to highly complex biomolecules. A variety of new isotopically-labeled compounds have been developed which are based on a single starting material [13C]methyl phenyl sulfide. These new (>100) isotopically-labeled compounds are very useful in all fields of science. They make the production of complex molecules cost effective for use in all areas of science. This work has resulted in several patents and publications in the areas of bioscience, quantum computing and forensic science.
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