Forensic Chemistry Research and Education

Friday, November 6, 2009: 8:40 AM-3:20 PM
Kohlberg (Camino Real Hotel)
Elizabeth Gardner and Hugo S. Staines Orozco, Director
8:40 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:45 AM
Practice of Forensic Chemistry at the State of Jalisco (México)
Carlos A. Robles-Torres, INVITED SPEAKER , Instituto Jalisciense de Ciencias Forenses
9:25 AM
The Production of Pseudo-High Velocity Impact Blood Spatter in Shooting Incidents
Edward E. Hueske, B.S., M.A. in Chemistry, University of North Texas; Sherry Bethune, University of North Texas; Brandy Thomas, University of North Texas
9:45 AM
Microcrystal Analysis of Cocaine Hydrochloride and Added Adulterants
Hannah Nelson, Graduate Student, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Elizabeth Gardner, University of Alabama at Birmingham
10:05 AM
Nanomanipulation-Coupled to Nanospray Mass Spectrometry Applied to Document and Ink Analysis
Teresa D. Golden, University of North Texas; Ubishi Joshi, University of North Texas; Guido F. Verbeck, University of North Texas
10:25 AM
10:45 AM
Educating Forensic Toxicologists: Freshman to PhD
Suzanne Bell, West Virginia University
11:05 AM
11:45 AM
1:15 PM
Introducing Forensic Chemistry to the Undergraduate Curriculum
Elizabeth Gardner, University of Alabama at Birmingham
1:35 PM
Methamphetamine: Manufacturing and Trafficking
Tamara Dallabetta-Keller, INVITED SPEAKER , Drug Enforcement Administration South Central Laboratory
2:15 PM
Forensic Entomology
Juan Jorge Villaseñor Sr., Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico
2:35 PM
Application of Zn and Cu Isotopic Signatures as Tracers of Anthropogenic Contamination in a Sediment Core From Urban Lake, Lake Ballinger, Seattle, Washington
Anita Thapalia, Graduate Student, University of Texas at El Paso; David M. Borrok, University of Texas at El Paso; Peter V. Metre, USGS; Marylynn Musgrove, USGS ,; Edward R. Landa, USGS MS 430
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