Monday, November 13, 2006 - 1:30 PM

Conversion of an Irrigation Furrower into a Research Implement for Doing Strip-Tillage.

William F. Heer, Kansas State Univ, South Central Field, 10620 S Dean Rd., Hutchinson, KS 67501-7823

A flood irrigation furrower was acquired with the intention of converting it into a unit to do strip-tillage research. This was accomplished by removing one of the five furrow units and re-spacing the remaining units on thirty inch centers. These four units were then stripped of the unnecessary furrowing devices. Donated stripper knives were attached where the discarded furrowers had been mounted. The brackets were the cultivator disk had been attached were shortened and no-till coulters were attached. Brackets were constructed to mount closing disk along side of the stripper knives