Tuesday, 24 May 2005 - 9:20 AM

This presentation is part of: Physical Organic

Barbier-Grignard Synthesis and Investigation of Spectral and Electronic Properties of Some Molecules Displaying Extended Conjugation

Rita K. Hessley, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

An investigation of the Barbier-Grignard allylation reaction with selected unsaturated ketones has been undertaken in a two-part project. The allylation reactions are carried out using published reagents and reaction conditions. Following allylation, dehydration or dehydrohalogenation is expected to lead to the formation of molecules with extended conjugation. A method to achieve dehydration under mild condition is being investigated. The ultra-violet or visible spectral properties of the target molecules will be reported. In the second phase of the project, polymerization of the polyunsaturated species is expected to lead to polymers that may possess important non-linear optical properties. Preliminary data (allylation) have been obtained for 1,4-benzoquinone. Anthraquinone, two of its more water-soluble analogues, and fluorenone are currently being studied. This paper will give the results of these trials and will report the progress of the project to date.

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